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What makes our host so different?

Unlike many other hosts which are temporary and have bad management, we do the opposite. We have future aims to what we achieve within a few years from now. We will give dedication and friendly service because we know how frustrating it is if there is a problem. That is why we offer a service which we will install any plugin you need. Not only do we give support and dedication but we also offer you top quality servers which you deserve. With a 100mb/s uplink, you can enjoy your server with extreme low latency. To summarise us, we are honest, professional and always keep our quality of to the best standard.

Our Aims:

Customer Support
We concentrate on offering the best support possible. We feel that treating our customers nicely and helping them with their problems is the best way. We know how it feels when we are ignored, we have all been in that situation, that is why we offer you free server support with all of our plans, so you can play Minecraft and not need to worry about downtime!

Up Time and Quality
We currently use dedicated servers in a datacentre located in France. We only use the best affordable datacentres, so we can offer you a quality but cheap server which will fit your needs. With uptime around 99.9%, you can be sure you can play Minecraft 24/7, 365 Days a year!

Future Development
We spend a lot of our time looking into the future of this company, our plans resolve around you. We look for the best possible solutions which will make your server even more enjoyable. We soon to buy servers within the US, so you can choose where you want your server located. If you want to buy now, we can change locations for free in the future.

This is what all of our amazing plans include:

Server Information
Hosted in a French Datacentre
i7 Processor
2tb Disk Drives
24gb Ram
+Soon to be buying a US Server


$5 / Month - Professional Plugin Support

$5 / Month - Your own Dedicated IP Address

Test IP: 

With Thanks,


Latest Review

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ibrahim said
Customer for 0 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

Best Service I literly recommand there services for other people Best Server and lag proof no lag 24/7 connection timing <3

ibrahim's Ratings
Performance 396 stars Support 395 stars Pricing 370 stars

xxgamerriosxx said
Customer for 5 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

my serverminer me like a very good product to have good servers very cheap and very good things is my favorite page for servers and not going to stop using

xxgamerriosxx's Ratings
Performance 396 stars Support 395 stars Pricing 370 stars

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