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Founded May 1, 2011
Owner: Devin

[email protected]

Here at Clanoutpost Gameservers we believe that a happy customer means a happy company. We always put the customer first and we will always be like that. We offer servers for as low as $0.50 a slot and as high as $2.80 a slot. Our average server cost is around $0.75. We host a ton of games, a lot of the games we host are not listed due to the fact that we are getting new games uploaded to our dedicated boxes daily, so we wait for a customer to request the game then we put it up or if we believe the game beign advertised on our site will bring population to our website and get us clients. We offer 24/7 support, live chat, forums and a easy to use website.

Why Choose Us?

We offer top of the line game servers for an affordable price. Servers as low as $0.50 a slot and as high as $2.50. Our policy is, if your server is down for more then 24 hours and its something we did, then we will credit you for the time its down. (Could be a few free days, a free month or money back.) Our servers are 99.9% lag free with a 99.9% server up-time. We have dedicated countless hours and sleepless nights making this GPS what it is today. Our prices will beat 90% of the Gameserver Providers out there with better quality then what most GSPs offer.

Servers Used

We believe that in-order to have a fun gaming experience you need a good server that runs smooth and has 0 to no lag.

We have promotions going monthly. We try to have them up by the 5th of every month. Most of the time its sooner.

Latest Review

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watcher said
Customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

had 2 servers one month ago..all servers are lagging.... bad customer support..

watcher's Ratings
Performance 36 stars Support 36 stars Pricing 36 stars

exx3d said
Customer for 3 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

I've been using cogameservers Teamspeak hosting for quite some time and i've never experienced server crashing, lagg or anything in that manner. Recently i also started using their CS:GO hosting service, it works flawlessly. Everything done by this company is very professional. Currently i'm more than satisfied and would recommend their service to anybody.

exx3d's Ratings
Performance 36 stars Support 36 stars Pricing 36 stars

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