Question: What is the intermediate host of cestodes?

Do cestodes have intermediate hosts?

For example, Diphyllobothrium has at least two intermediate hosts, a crustacean and then one or more freshwater fish; its definitive host is a mammal. Some cestodes are host-specific, while others are parasites of a wide variety of hosts.


fish parasites
Cestoda tapeworms and allies Trematoda flukes

What are the two cestodes for which human can serve as intermediate host?

Humans can serve as both the definitive host and an intermediate host for two species, T. solium and H. nana.

What is the intermediate host of tapeworm?

Adult worms survive inside their human hosts, where they are limited to the intestinal tract. Human fecal contamination of the environment is needed to sustain these life cycles. In the remaining cestodes (ie, Echinococcus species, Spirometra species, and T multiceps), humans function as the intermediate hosts.

Who are the primary host and intermediate host for tapeworm?

The life cycle of tapeworms typically includes the egg, one free-living larval stage, a procercoid and a plerocercoid in the first and second intermediate host, respectively, and the adult in the definitive host. Fish may serve as second intermediate host, definitive host, or in some species as both.

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What are the common host of Cestodes?

Echinococcus eggs from dog or fox fur cause human hydatid disease (humans are the intermediate host; canids are the definitive hosts). Reinfection with adult tapeworms is common; second infections with larvae are rare.

What are the two orders of Cestodes?

Cestodes (tapeworms) include flatworms belonging to the phylum Platyhelminthes, class Cestoidea, subclasses Cestodaria (two orders) and Eucestoda (sixteen orders), and about fifty-nine families.

What is an intermediate host in microbiology?

1 : a host which is normally used by a parasite in the course of its life cycle and in which it may multiply asexually but not sexually — compare definitive host.

Which tapeworm infects cattle as an intermediate host?

Taenia saginata, known as the beef tapeworm, is transmitted to humans in the form of infectious larval cysts found in the meat of cattle, which serve as the parasite’s usual intermediate host.

What is the life cycle of Cestodes?

All tapeworms (cestodes) cycle through 3 stages—eggs, larvae, and adults. Adults inhabit the intestines of definitive hosts, mammalian carnivores. Several of the adult tapeworms that infect humans are named after their main intermediate host: The fish tapeworms.

What parasite has two intermediate hosts?

Like many other parasites, these trematodes have a three host life cycle involving two intermediate hosts and one definitive host.