Question: Is Apache web server still used?

Do people still use Apache server?

Apache is still the most popular web server on the Internet, estimated to serve about 55% of all websites in existence, compared to nginx’s 12% (in Jan 2013).

Is Apache the most used web server?

When you look at every single website on the Internet, Apache is the most popular web server. It powers 47% of the websites with a known web server, according to W3Techs. However, Apache’s usage greatly drops when you start looking at the web’s most highly trafficked sites.

Who uses Apache web server?

Apache provides servers for Internet giants such as Google and Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia. In the early 21st century, Apache servers deployed more than 50 percent of the Internet’s content.

Which web server is widely used?

Apache, IIS and Nginx are the most used web servers on the World Wide Web.

Why Apache is used?

Apache functions as a way to communicate over networks from client to server using the TCP/IP protocol. Apache can be used for a wide variety of protocols, but the most common is HTTP/S.

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Why Apache server is so popular?

Apache is open source, and as such, it is developed and maintained by a large group of global volunteers. One of the key reasons Apache is so popular is that the software is free for anyone to download and use. … Commercial support for Apache is available from web hosting companies, such as Atlantic.Net.

What websites use Apache?

Popular sites using Apache


Is Apache better than nginx?

Put simply, if all other factors are equal, Apache performs better when hosting sites that experience relatively low levels of traffic – perhaps 1000 requests or fewer per hour. NGINX performs better for sites that experience lots of requests simultaneously.

Does Google use Apache?

Google Web Server (GWS) is proprietary web server software that Google uses for its web infrastructure. In May, 2015, GWS was ranked as the fourth most popular web server on the internet after Apache, nginx and Microsoft IIS, powering an estimated 7.95% of active websites. …

Does WordPress use Apache?

Most WordPress hosting providers use Apache as their web server software. However, WordPress can run on other web server software as well.

Why does PHP need Apache?

PHP’s internal webserver is aimed at development. When you publish your app, you need to use a “real” webserver to handle it. Apache is better in a lot of ways : concurrent users, resources optimization, etc. Even for a small website, its configuration possibilities are far from PHP webserver.

Which server is best for popularity?

Apache servers by Apache Software Foundation

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This is a free source software and the most popular server available. Majority of WordPress websites and blogs use this type of server to send and receive responses and requests.

What is the best server in the world?

These technologies can be integrated or added on to server assets.

  • Dell PowerEdge R940 Family of Servers. …
  • Dell PowerEdge R840. …
  • Dell R740 Servers. …
  • Organizations Scaling Down Their Servers. …
  • HPE ProLiant Servers. …
  • ThinkSystem Servers. …
  • Quanta Servers. …
  • Supermicro Servers.

Which server is the best?

Best dedicated servers:

  • InMotion – Best overall for dedicated server hosting.
  • HostGator – Best uptime performance.
  • Bluehost – Best value for money.
  • A2 Hosting – Best for customer service.
  • iPage – Best for nothing, but okay at everything.
  • DreamHost – Best storage space.