Question: How do you host a fancy tea party?

How do you make a high tea party?

Use mismatched tea sets and lots of colourful flowers. Make your guests wear funny hats and give everyone a different teapot to pour out of. This one will definitely get the party started. Spike your tea with some premium spirits and make high tea cocktails.

What is high tea etiquette?

Our High Tea Etiquette Tips:

Never start eating until everyone has been served unless, your host tells you not to wait. A napkin – not serviette, folded along the diagonal and placed on your lap. Avoid picking items from the tower with your fingers, use your fork if servers aren’t provided.

What activities do you do at a tea party?

These 10 active, fun tea party games will help ensure the party is a success for you and the kids.

  • Teacup Treasure Hunt. …
  • Tea Bag Toss. …
  • Tea Leaf Pictionary. …
  • Guess How Much (tea party style) …
  • Sugar Cube Stack. …
  • Pinko. …
  • Tea Tray Memory Game. …
  • Hot Teacup.

What is high tea dress code?

While most high tea events don’t have a specific dress code, take our advice and skip the work attire and anything more suited to a nightclub or bar. Instead, this dainty social occasion is the perfect excuse to pop on a dress or swishy skirt and top. The aim is to look pretty, polished and relaxed.

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What do you do at a ladies tea party?

Along with purchasing several flavors of teas and making some finger foods, organize some games to help make your guests feel at ease and keep the conversation rolling. Board games, croquet, cards and badminton are fine ideas for a ladies’ tea party, but you can also plan some games they may have never played before.

Are Tea Parties fun?

Tea parties are traditional get-togethers for conversation and enjoyment. Modern tea parties make great birthdays for little girls who love to dress up. And many adults enjoy a Victorian themed party with big hats, lace dresses, and pinstripe suits. Make your tea party more fun with one of our tea party games.

Who pours the tea at a tea party?

Normally, the most senior party at the table will offer to pour the tea once it arrives. Etiquette dictates that only one person should handle the teapot, so make sure you know who that is. The teapot can be both hot and heavy, so if you’re the one pouring make sure you do it very carefully.