Does Apache log post data?

What does Apache log contain?

For instance, when someone visits your website, a log is recorded and stored to provide the Apache web server administrator with information such as the IP address of the visitor, what pages they were viewing, status codes, browser used, etc.

Does Apache Use syslog?

Apache doesn’t just support logging to files. For example, you can also send logs directly to a syslog service using a custom logging pipeline. The most common method is to use the /usr/bin/logger command, which forwards logs over a syslog socket to the syslog service.

What is the log level available in Apache?

Apache logging level

Level Description
warn Warning conditions
notice Normal, but significant conditions
info Informational messages
debug Debugging messages

Can I delete apache access log?

If you are not going to use them you can delete it. I would recomend you to delete all logs but not the current one, and if you can I should use log rotate. If in use, deleting the log will make apache reload to re-open the just deleted file. What you can try is indeed logrotate, or try to empty the file.

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How do I check apache logs?

By default, you can find the Apache access log file at the following path:

  1. /var/log/apache/access. log.
  2. /var/log/apache2/access. log.
  3. /etc/httpd/logs/access_log.

Which is more secure get or POST?

GET is less secure than POST because sent data is part of the URL. POST is a little safer than GET because the parameters are stored neither in the browser history nor in the web server logs.

Is login GET or POST?

For login request we should use POST method. Because our login data is secure which needs security. When use POST method the data is sent to server in a bundle. But in GET method data is sent to the server followed by the url like append with url request which will be seen to everyone.

Can we use Post method to get data?

POST is used to send data to a server to create/update a resource. POST is one of the most common HTTP methods. Some other notes on POST requests: … POST requests have no restrictions on data length.

How do I send Apache access logs to syslog server?

In order to configure Apache to log to syslog, you can use a program like logger . Logger can be used to write application logs to syslog. By default, the ErrorLog and CustomLog directives to set the name of the file to which the server will log any errors it encounters and any request made to the server respectively.

Is syslog a protocol?

Syslog is a good thing. It’s a standard network-based logging protocol that works on an extremely wide variety of different types of devices and applications, allowing them to send free text-formatted log messages to a central server.

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How do I forward a specific log file to a remote syslog server?

1 Answer

  1. Go to /etc/rsyslog.d.
  2. create a empty file named as cas-log.conf.
  3. Copy the above mentioned code and paste into this(cas-log) file. …
  4. Restart your rsyslog.
  5. On sever side you can see logs in /var/log/syslog file.

What is difference between Apache and Tomcat?

Key Difference: Apache is the short name for ‘Apache HTTP server’. It provides numerous features like CGI, SSL and virtual domains. Tomcat is a web container that runs the web applications based on servlet and JavaServer pages. It can also be used as a HTTP server.

What is the Apache log level set by default?

By default, the apache web server is set to notice log level, which means all the logs above this log level will be printed in the log files.

Where are Apache logs CentOS?

Default apache access log file location: RHEL / Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora Linux Apache access file location – /var/log/httpd/access_log. Debian / Ubuntu Linux Apache access log file location – /var/log/apache2/access. log.