Can an alternate host record a Webex meeting?

Can someone other than the host record a Webex meeting?

An alternate host can start, manage, and record the meeting for you, but can’t edit or cancel the meeting. If an alternate host records the meeting, the recording appears in your list of recordings. You receive the email message with the link to the recording, when it’s available.

Can co hosts record in Webex?

As the host or cohost of a meeting with a paid Webex account, you can record meetings in the cloud. Your cloud recordings include the participant audio, video, and anything that’s shared during the meeting. If you’re attending a meeting, you can’t record the meeting yourself.

How do I record a Webex meeting as a participant on my phone?

How to Record a Webex Meeting as a Participant on an Android

  1. Launch Webex on your Android device.
  2. Join a meeting.
  3. Select the record button at the bottom.
  4. When done, you can stop recording.
  5. The recording will be saved on your phone locally.

What is the difference between host and presenter in Webex?

There are three roles within Webex Meetings, which are referenced below. Host Role: The host is the person who schedules, starts and ends the session and or recordings of the session. … Presenter: Responsible for sharing and annotating presentations, whiteboards, documents, and applications in a meeting.

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How do I co host someone on Webex?

Add a Cohost During Your Webex Meeting or Event

Open the Participants panel and locate the attendee that you want to make a Cohost. Right-click the attendee’s name and then select Change Role > Make Cohost.

How do I record a Cisco Webex meeting as a participant on a laptop?

Record your meeting

  1. Click Record .
  2. If you have Record in cloud and Record on my computer as options, select Record on my computer. Don’t see Record on my computer? The option may be disabled. Contact your Webex site administrator. …
  3. Click Record.

How do I know if a Webex meeting is being recorded?

If you clicked Record during your meeting, you will see the recording indicator on the top-right of your window informing you that the meeting is being recorded. After the meeting, you can also check your Meetings list on your Webex site to see if your meeting was successfully recorded.

How do I change the recording settings in Webex?

Sign in to your Webex site. Select Preferences from the left navigation bar, and then select the Recording tab. Select your preferred Recording layout options. Click Save.

Can a non host record Webex?

Only the host, alternate host, or presenter can start recording, and recording can be controlled from the desktop app. If you are an attendee and not a presenter, you should ask the host to record for you.

How do I record a Webex meeting without permission?

How to Record Webex Meeting Without Permission Using QuickTime Player:

  1. Launch QuickTime Player. …
  2. When a new window appears, click the little triangle button. …
  3. Once the Webex meeting begins, click the “Record” button to start capturing the Webex meeting.
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How do I host Webex without permission?

To enable Join Before Host for a host account:

  1. Log in to your Webex Site Administration page.
  2. Click on User Management > Edit User.
  3. Enter search criteria for the host account in the User name: or Email: field, then click the Search button.
  4. Click on the name link of the host account.