Your question: Where does Zoom host their servers?

Where are Zoom’s servers located?

Also, external sources indicate that in late 2019, it was extensively using Equinix data centers located in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Melbourne, New York, Silicon Valley, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto.

Are Zoom servers located in China?

“Zoom’s systems are designed to maintain geo-fencing around China for both primary and secondary data centers — ensuring that users outside of China do not have their meeting data routed through Zoom’s mainland China data centers (which consist of infrastructure in a facility owned by Telstra, a leading Australian …

Is Zoom hosted on a server?

Zoom offers a public or hybrid cloud service. In the hybrid cloud service, you can deploy meeting communication servers known as the Zoom Meeting Connector within your company’s internal network. User and meeting metadata are managed in the public cloud while the meetings are hosted in your private cloud.

Does Zoom route data through China?

Data of free users outside of China will never be routed through China,” Zoom explained. In an interview with Business Insider on Friday, before the update was announced, CEO Eric Yuan said the important thing here is that Zoom has all the data about who participates in calls and where those calls are routed.

Does Zoom have Australian servers?

For Australian users, Zoom has now guaranteed that routing will occur through Australian data centres. However, if recording to the zoom cloud, your information will be stored in the US. For paying Australian customers, Zoom offers an Australian only service, which enables cloud recording to be stored in Australia.

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How do Zoom servers work?

Zoom uses globally-distributed technology based on user geolocation and optimized network path. The meeting participants are always connected to a nearby data center and assigned to the least loaded server. On the other hand, meeting participants will be aggregated to same server if they are in same place.

Is Zoom a Chinese platform?

Zoom is a U.S.-founded company and its founder Eric Yuan is a Chinese immigrant who is now an American citizen. However, the company’s development team is “largely” based in China, according to Zoom’s regulatory filing from earlier this year.