Your question: How do I reset bisect hosting?

How do I delete a bisect host account?

How to cancel your server:

  1. Log into the billing panel here.
  2. Click on Services on the top menu.
  3. Select Active on the server you wish to cancel.
  4. Click Request Cancellation.
  5. Provide the reason for canceling services. …
  6. Select the Request Cancellation button to complete the request.

How do I change bisect world hosting?

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  1. Log in to your BisectHosting control panel.
  2. Click File Manager then click Edit next to the server. properties file.
  3. Change the level-seed= to whatever you’d like. …
  4. Click Save and close.
  5. Make sure you’re generating a new world before restarting your server. …
  6. Restart your server.

How do I reset my server?

Here’s the basic procedure for restarting a network server:

  1. Make sure that everyone is logged off the server. …
  2. After you’re sure the users have logged off, shut down the network server. …
  3. Reboot the server computer or turn it off and then on again.

Can you cancel bisect Hosting?

If you want to cancel your gaming server with us for any reason at all, you are free to ask for a refund within 3 days of the original purchase date. After 3 days of the original purchase date, there are no refunds, full or partial. On dedicated servers, there are no refunds due to the costs of setting them up.

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What is bisect Hosting?

Bisect Hosting is a company dedicated to hosting Minecraft game servers. A Minecraft server allows you to build your own world and play it as an online user with other players. Hosting a game on the same computer you will play it on can be unstable.

How can we save the world bisect hosting?

How to download from a backup on the Games control panel:

  1. Log in to your BisectHosting games control panel.
  2. Click Backups on the top bar.
  3. Click Download next to the backup you wish to download.
  4. Choose from one of the options: Download all files – This option downloads all the files on that backup. …
  5. Click Download.

How do I create a new world bisect hosting?

How to create a new Terraria world

  1. Log in to your BisectHosting game control panel.
  2. Click File Management.
  3. Click config.txt.
  4. Locate and change the world setting to world=./Worlds/<any world name>.wld.
  5. Locate and change the worldname setting to worldname=<same world name as step 3>
  6. Select Save File.
  7. Restart your server.

How do I setup a bisect server?

Creating a server

  1. Log into the Multicraft panel.
  2. Click on servers on the top menu.
  3. Click Create Server on the side menu.
  4. Fill information for the server. Name: Pick a name for the server that will appear in the Multicraft panel server list. Players: This is your player cap. …
  5. Click Create at the bottom.

What happens when you reset a server?

Restarting a server closes all the processes that are running and starts them again. Rebooting a server closes all running processes and reboots the server. … Note: If you restart or reboot a Gateway server, the server is reloaded. Reload is a DataPower® term that means the same as restart.

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Can I reboot a server?

You can reboot a server in one of two ways. A soft reboot uses the operating system’s reboot process so that applications shut down gracefully. A hard reboot halts the instance and then restarts it, similar to turning a computer off and then on.

Why would a server need to be restarted?

Regular restart of a server makes the environment more stable and better performing. Regular reboots protects the business from outages and downtime can be mitigated with generally little effort and reliable processes.

How do I renew my Shockbyte server?

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  1. Login to the client area.
  2. Select Services under the navigation bar, and then My Services.
  3. Select the service you wish to upgrade or downgrade.
  4. Click Upgrade/Downgrade on the left Actions sidebar menu.
  5. Select the new plan you wish to change your server to and click Choose Product.

How do I cancel my apex hosting plan?

Cancellations. To terminate your services you must cancel any PayPal subscriptions active and cancel via our WHMCS billing area at A cancellation can be induced at any point in time and executed immediately or at the end of the billing period.