Your question: How do I co host on Webex?

Can multiple people use one Webex host account?

If your Webex contract provides the concurrent license option, you can add any number of user accounts. Your contract limits the number of users who can simultaneously host or attend sessions. … You can also add individual or multiple user accounts from Site Administration.

Can Webex share co host?

Anyone attending a Webex session may view shared data, but only the person designated as the Presenter may share presentations, screen/desktop, or applications. … If this option is enabled, attendees may present and share data even though the host has not yet joined.

How do I change my Webex host?

Transfer the Host Role During a Webex Meeting or Webex Training Session. You can transfer the host role during a Webex meeting, Personal Room meeting, or training session. Go to the Participants panel, right-click on the participant who you want to make the host, and then click Change Role To > Host.

Can you start a Webex meeting without the host?

With ‘Join before Host’ enabled, attendees can join the meeting without the host being in attendance. Enabling this setting can result in unintended consequences including misuse of teleconferencing minutes. This setting only applies to standard Webex sites.

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What is the difference between host and presenter in Webex?

There are three roles within Webex Meetings, which are referenced below. Host Role: The host is the person who schedules, starts and ends the session and or recordings of the session. … Presenter: Responsible for sharing and annotating presentations, whiteboards, documents, and applications in a meeting.

How do I enable shared content in Webex?

How do I share my screen?

  1. Select Share in the control bar on your screen.
  2. Select to share your screen or application from the list of open applications. …
  3. To start a whiteboard session, select Share, and New Whiteboard.
  4. To stop screen sharing, select Stop Sharing on the floating bar at the top of the screen.

Can co host do breakout rooms in Webex?

Webex – Webex Meetings | Create breakout sessions. You can easily create breakout sessions if you’re the host or cohost. … Hosts and cohosts can also create the breakout sessions and preassign participants when they schedule a meeting, as well as allowing participants to join any session.

Can a co host start a Webex meeting?

Cohosts who you assign when you schedule meetings from your Webex site can also start a meeting. Right-click the name of the attendee you want to make a cohost and click Make Cohost > OK. The attendee receives a notification that they’re a cohost of the meeting.