Your question: How do I access cPanel Liquidweb?

How do I access WHM Liquidweb?

The easiest way to log into WHM is through your Liquid Web account.

  1. Log into your Liquid Web account. …
  2. Under Your Hosting Infrastructure, click the [+] to the left of the server you’d like to log into.
  3. On the right there are four blue links: click on Webhost Manager.
  4. Your username should pre-populate as root.

How do I access my cPanel interface?

You can login to your cPanel using the address bar of your browser. Type in your website address followed by a colon and then 2083. Accessing your cPanel would look like this You can also log in to your cPanel by typing in /cpanel after your website address.

How do I create a cPanel Liquidweb account?

After you have logged into WHM, there are two ways to navigate to where you can create a cPanel account. First, you could click on the Account Functions, and on that page click Create a New Account. Alternatively, you could search for “Create a New Account” in the Find bar in the upper left hand corner of WHM.

How do I find my cPanel credentials?

In order to access your web hosting control panel, cPanel, enter one of the following URLs in your preferred browser. — Access cPanel over an encrypted connection with your IP address. — Access cPanel over an encrypted connection with your domain name.

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Does cPanel use Liquidweb?

Liquid Web has been working with cPanel servers since we started. That’s over 15 years of experience support WHM + cPanel servers. You could say we’re the cPanel hosting company. Hosting with Liquid Web means you won’t be left hanging to fix things yourself.

How do I get cPanel username and password?

How to Add a New User in cPanel

  1. Log in to your cPanel account.
  2. Scroll to the Preferences section and click on User Manager.
  3. Once User Manager opens, click the Add User button to begin creating a new user account.
  4. Create the new user account by filling in the form provided. …
  5. Specify the services the user can access.

How do I access afrihost cPanel?

How to log into cPanel

  1. Go to ClientZone.
  2. Log in using your ClientZone credentials.
  3. Select the ‘Hosting’ tab.
  4. Under the ‘Shared Hosting’ section, select the domain you wish to access.
  5. Click on the ‘Website Manager’ button.
  6. Select ‘Log into Website Manager’.

How do I find my cPanel account?

How To Create A New cPanel in WHM – cPanel Setup

  1. Login to the WHM.
  2. Click Account Functions.
  3. Click the icon Create a New Account.
  4. Under Domain Information enter the domain, username, password (twice) and the contact email address.
  5. In the Package section select the package your have already created.

How do I give limited access to cPanel?

Creating a New FTP User Account With Limited Access in cPanel. Log in to cPanel, and in the “FILES” section, click the “FTP Accounts” link or icon. Enter the FTP username for the account in the “Log In” field. Enter the FTP password in both the “Password” and “Password (again)” fields.

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What is User Manager in cPanel?

The User Manager interface allows you to manage your Subaccounts. … This interface does not allow you to create new cPanel accounts. Hosting providers and system administrators can create new cPanel accounts in WHM’s Create a New Account interface (WHM >> Home >> Account Functions >> Create a New Account).