You asked: What happens if two hosts share the same IP address but not the same MAC address on a LAN?

What will be the problems if two host has same IP?

For a system to communicate via a network, it must have a unique IP address. Conflicts arise when two devices are on the same network trying to use the same IP address. When this occurs, both computers end up not being able to connect to network resources or perform other network operations.

Can 2 systems have same IP and MAC address?

Conclusion : All public IPs assigned to Routers of ISPs or Routers connecting to Internet are unique. but private IPs of two hosts can be the same if both are connected to different public networks. … Because all of you have the same public network your private IP can’t be the same.

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Can two network interfaces have the same MAC address why or why not also can two network interfaces have the same IP address why or why not 10 points?

Can two network interfaces have the same IP address? Why or why not? No, it can confuse the computer that sent a message, it won’t know if the message was received.

Can 2 hosts have the same IP?

Yes. Two virtual servers on the same Application Switch or Web Switch can share the same virtual IP address as long as they are each configured with unique services or with different source networks.

What happen if 2 hosts are assigned with 2 IP address?

If you mistakenly assign the same static address to two devices, you’ll run into a duplicate IP error. … Eventually, your router will try to hand out that address to another device, creating an IP conflict. Another IP conflict scenario can occur if you have two DHCP servers on your network (which you should avoid).

Why do I have 2 IP addresses?

Routers are special because they have two IP addresses. An IP address is assigned to each of the router’s two “interfaces”. … This is the side of the router that faces the Internet and has a public IP address. The second router interface is called the LAN (Local Area Network) interface.

Why do we need both IP and MAC address?

So again, IP Addresses are logical and routeable addresses. … And that’s why computers have both MAC Addresses and IP Addresses. MAC Addresses handle the physical connection from computer to computer while IP Addresses handle the logical routeable connection from both computer to computer AND network to network.

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Why does my Mac have two IP addresses?

The fundamental reason for this is that the MAC address is a hardware or burned-in address (data link layer) while IP addresses are from the network layer where more than one IP address can be assigned from your LAN segment to a single physical interface.

What are the important differences between MAC address and IP address?

IP Address stands for Internet Protocol Address. MAC Address ensure that physical address of the computer is unique. IP Address is a logical address of the computer and is used to uniquely locate computer connected via a network. MAC Address is of six byte hexadecimal address.

Can two network interfaces have the same IP address why or why not?

You cannot use the same IP address on multiple interfaces. It just won’t work properly (usually it will only work on the last interface the IP was assigned on). You need to put the ethernet interfaces into a bridge and assign the IP address on the bridge itself.

What kinds of problems can arise when two hosts on the same Ethernet share the same hardware address Describe what happens and why that behavior is a problem?

Hosts are using hardware address to filter whether the packet is for them or not. So, they can discard the packets which do not belong to them. However, if the same hardware address is shared with other host, it is likely to receive wrong packets which can harm the host.