Why is the host rated R?

Is The Host OK for kids?

Jeff Bridges as appealing alien; best for teens. Sci-fi/romance hybrid mixes plot twists, serious themes. Twilight author’s adult sci-fi is fine for teens.

Why is The Host Rated PG 13?

Why is The Host rated PG-13? The Host is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some sensuality and violence. Violence: A character suffers bloody injuries and nearly dies after she fights off attackers, jumps from a window and falls to the ground below.

Is The Host scary?

Host has been awarded the title of the scariest film of all time, according to a new study.

Is Host rated R?

The Host [2007] [R] – 0.8. 6 – Parents’ Guide & Review – Kids-In-Mind.comKids-In-Mind.com. SEX/NUDITY 0 – None.

Is the host a movie?

The Host (2013 film)

The Host
Screenplay by Andrew Niccol
Based on The Host by Stephenie Meyer
Produced by Stephenie Meyer Nick Wechsler Steve Schwartz Paula Mae Schwartz
Starring Saoirse Ronan Jake Abel Max Irons Frances Fisher Chandler Canterbury Diane Kruger William Hurt

Is Host the scariest movie ever?

According to a scientific study that was conducted to determine the scariest movie ever made, the film “Host” wins the prize. The “Science of Scare” included 250 participants who all wore heart monitors while watching some of the scariest movies ever made.

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Will there be a Host 2?

Stephenie Meyer confirmed that there will be two Host sequels!