Why do you want to live with a host family abroad?

Why you should live with a host family abroad?

Living with a host family abroad provides a home base from which you can safely explore an unfamiliar place and culture. While host families are likely to have different rules and expectations than you have at home in the U.S., these are examples of culture at work!

Why you should stay with a host family?

Staying with a host family will give you a genuine insight into your destination. They will be able to teach you much more about their home country and culture than a guide book ever could! … Living with your hosts will give you a deeply cultural experience that you would never have in a hostel or hotel.

What excites you about living with a host family?

My favorite things about living with the host family are the sense of home they can provide and a deeper way to integrate myself within the culture of their home country. … Also they are open to talking about their family life, all aspects of French culture and helping me out with simple things like getting a haircut.

What does it mean to live with a host family?

Living with a host family means getting very familiar with each other and spending time in each other’s personal space.

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What is a host family study abroad?

Being a CIEE High School USA host family is about creating a home away from home. You’re part parent, part cultural ambassador, part mentor. Hosting is a chance to learn from one another. Our host families tell us over and over that their lives are just as touched and changed as those of their exchange student.

What qualities of your family life would you most like to share with your future host family?

The best host families exemplify the traits already mentioned – hospitality, patience, and a commitment to the student’s well-being and success. They have an honest desire to make their student “part of the family” to the best of their abilities.

How do I bond with my host family?

17 Advices to Get Along With Your Host Family Abroad!

  1. Be polite! …
  2. Don´t be afraid to ask questions! …
  3. Try to communicate! …
  4. Discuss issues! …
  5. Take time to get to know your family! …
  6. Help with housework! …
  7. Spend time with your family! …
  8. Show interest in your familys habits, way of living.

What should I say to my host family?

Say “Thank you” regularly.

Make sure to thank your host parents throughout your interactions when appropriate. Always thank your host family for paying for dinner. Offer your host mom a “thank you” when she gives you advice. Give back to them, as well.