Which service should be used to host a Web application in Azure?

Does Azure provide Web hosting?

With the latest release of Azure Web Sites and the new Azure Portal Preview we are introducing a new concept: Web Hosting Plans. A Web Hosting Plan (WHP) allows you to group and scale sites independently within a subscription.

Which service can be used to detect issues in a Web application running on Azure App Service?

Open App Service diagnostics

To access App Service diagnostics, navigate to your App Service web app or App Service Environment in the Azure portal. In the left navigation, click on Diagnose and solve problems.

How do I host a Web application?

Steps to Host a Website:

  1. Step 1: Decide What Type of Website You Want. You will typically find 2 types of websites:
  2. Step 2: Choose Your Hosting Server. …
  3. Step 3: Select Your Web Hosting Plan. …
  4. Step 4: Change Your DNS Address. …
  5. Step 5: Upload Your Website.

Which service provides serverless computing in Azure?

The correct answer to the question “Which service provides serverless computing in Azure” is option (b). Azure Functions. This is a platform offered by Azure for serverless compute service and this helps in running event-triggered code without even worrying about the infrastructure provisions.

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Which service in Azure is used to manage resources in Azure?

The correct answer is 2- Azure resource manager. This is because Azure resource manager is the azure tool for managing and deploying resources. It is used as a service for management tools such as access control, locks, and tags to manage and secure your resources once they are deployed.

What are Microsoft Web services?

Web Services Enhancements (WSE) is an obsolete add-on to the Microsoft . … Web services are business logic components which provide functionality via the Internet using standard protocols such as HTTP. Web services communicate via either SOAP or REST messages.

What is web a application?

A web application is a computer program that utilizes web browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the Internet.

What is Azure hosting?

At its core, Azure is a public cloud computing platform—with solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) that can be used for services such as analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and much more.

Does Microsoft have a Web hosting service?

Microsoft 365 does not include a public website for your business. To set one up, consider using a web hosting company like GoDaddy, Wix, or WordPress. … To integrate the website with Microsoft 365, you can add your business email to the website and a link to Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, or other collaboration tool.

How do I host a website in Azure cloud?

Configure static website hosting

  1. Open the Azure portal in your web browser.
  2. Locate your storage account and display the account overview.
  3. Select Static website to display the configuration page for static websites.
  4. Select Enabled to enable static website hosting for the storage account.
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What should I monitor in web application?

You want it to detect abnormal web transaction performance as well as alert on common web application problems such as page errors, response per page, page rate, number of slow pages, and slow page times.

What are the three kinds of app service?

App Services

  • Web App – used for hosting websites and web applications (previously Azure Websites)
  • API App – used for hosting the RESTful APIs.
  • Logic App – used for business process automation, system integration and sharing data across clouds.

What is Azure service health?

Azure Service Health is a free offering from Microsoft that enables you to track the health of Azure services in the regions where your deployments are. It keeps you informed about the ongoing service issues, planned maintenances, or relevant health advisories.