Which engine oil is best for Apache RTR 160?

Which Motul oil is best for Apache 160?

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This item MOTUL Performance Pack for Apache 160/180 Liqui Moly 10W30 4T Street Synthetic Technology Engine Oil (1 Litre) (LM029)
Viscosity 10W40 10W-30

When should we change engine oil in Apache RTR 160?

The engine oil of TVS Apache RTR 160 4V must be changed at 1st service and then after every 300km ride.

How can I increase mileage of Apache RTR 160?

Tips To Improve Mileage Of Your TVS

  1. Regular Service: Always service the two-wheeler on a timely basis and at intervals as recommended by the manufacturer at an authorised service centre. …
  2. Easy Does It: …
  3. Tyre Pressure: …
  4. Switch it off: …
  5. Weight check: …
  6. Let go of the clutch: …
  7. Fuel Check:

What is 10W-50 oil used for?

Our engine oil of the SAE classification 10W50 is a high-performance special oil for 4-stroke motorcycles of leading European and Japanese manufacturers. Synthetic base oil components in combination with successfully tested additives guarantee high performance.

Which oil is best for bike engine?

Best Engine Oil for Bikes Reviews

Engine Oil Best For Engoil Oil Type
1.) Motul 7100 4T 20W 4-stroke bike fully synthetic
2.) Shell Advance ultra 100cc bikes versatile (can be used in every type)
3.) Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 from 100cc to 200cc fully synthetic
4.) Motul 3100 4T Gold from 100cc to 200cc semi-synthetic
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What is 10W30 oil?

The 10W30 designation on engine oil means that the viscosity of the oil is rated at 10W when an engine is cold and 30 when the engine is hot. This is different than an oil labelled 5W30, which has a thinner viscosity when the engine is cold at 5W.

Which engine oil is best for Apache RTR 200?

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This item Castrol Power1 10W-50 4T 1 Litre Bike Engine Oil-TVS Apache RTR 200 Castrol Power1 Ultimate 4T 10W40 Full Synthetic Engine Oil for Bikes (1L)
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