What server host does Discord use?

Does Discord host their own servers?

Discord hosts all servers themselves, so you do not have the option to privately host your own. While some people want to be able to host their own server, it is great for most people. This means you don’t need to go through any third parties, set up your own hardware, or spend any money on hosting.

Where are Discord server hosted?

Servers are hosted on our internal infrastructure. Yeah, it’s all dedicated hosting by the company that develops Discord.

Is a Discord server an actual server?

Discord is divided into servers, each of which has its own members, topics, rules, and channels. Discord also allows users to voice- and video-chat, as well as livestream games and other programs from their computers.

Is Discord shutting down in 2020?

The good news is that Discord isn’t shutting down any time in the near future. … So, there’s no reason to shut Discord down in the near future. This rumour likely started due to messages that many people were receiving in their Discord accounts from random users.

Are Discord servers private?

Discord servers are as public as you want them to be. At the start, no one can join your server unless you or someone else has invited them by sharing the server’s link. … Right-click on your server’s icon from the menu on the left. Click “Server Settings.”

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Is Discord server free?

Discord servers are free to create. So you have the option to create your own server that you can then use to invite friends to.

Is Discord safe for 12 year olds?

The platform is not suitable for very young children

Discord contains adult content and must be labelled as only accessible to those over 18 years old.

Are Discord calls p2p?

So the browser thinks it’s doing peer-to-peer, but it’s not.” … This means Discord uses very little processing power, even in browser, because it’s technically only connecting to a single peer.

Can police track Discord?

These guidelines are intended for law enforcement authorities seeking information/records about Discord users. Discord provides user information to law enforcement when we are in receipt of enforceable legal process.

What was Discord almost called?

In a Tweet, Discord stated that instead of the name it was known, for now, it was originally to be called Wyvern. However, after giving more thought into the name of the brand, it was scratched out and Discord was used instead.