What port is used to connect to shared Plesk hosting directly in the browse?

What ports does Plesk use?

Ports Used by Plesk

Service name Ports used by service
Administrative interface of Plesk over HTTP TCP 8880
Samba (file sharing on Windows networks) UDP 137, UDP 138, TCP 139, TCP 445
VPN service UDP 1194
Web server TCP 80, TCP 443

How do I connect to Plesk browser?

Logging in to Plesk with Social Login

  1. Go to Account and click My Profile.
  2. Click the icon corresponding to the third-party account you want to use to log in to Plesk. …
  3. You will be asked to click a link to send the service sign-in data to Plesk. …
  4. The third-party account is now linked to your Plesk account. …
  5. Click OK.

How do I open a port in Plesk?


  1. Log in to Plesk.
  2. Install Plesk Firewall extension.
  3. Go to Tools and Settings > Firewall and click Enable Firewall Rules Management:

How do I open port 8447?

Opening port via Plesk

  1. Log in to Plesk.
  2. Go to Tools & Settings > Firewall and click the Enable button. …
  3. Click the rule Plesk installer > select Allow > and click OK.
  4. If port 8447 is still filtered/closed, check if there are any intermediate firewalls.
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What ports should be open for Web server?

Port 80 and 443 are the two standard ports used by web servers to communicate with the web clients. When data is exchanged through the Internet between a web client and a web server, they need to establish a mutual connection between them.

What is external login URL for the Plesk?

To log in to the Plesk web interface using your Plesk account credentials, do the following: In the browser’s address bar, type in the Plesk login page link in the following format: https://<Server hostname or IP address>:8443 .

How do I open Plesk control panel in godaddy?

Select Web Hosting, and next to the Windows Hosting account you want to manage, select Manage. In the account Dashboard, select Plesk Admin.

What port is WHM?

Commonly Used Port Numbers

WHM 2086
WHM – SSL 2087
Webmail 2095
Webmail – SSL 2096

What is the use of port 8443?

The port 8443 is the default port that Tomcat use to open SSL text service. The default configuration file used in the port is 8443. The Tomcat is a core project in the Jakarta project of the Apache Software Foundation, which is developed by Apache, Sun and several other companies and individuals.

Which ports should be open?

Understanding Default Open Ports

Port Number Protocol Description
23 TCP Telnet is disabled by default but the port is still open.
53 UDP Internal domain.
67 UDP DHCP server.

Which port must be opened in the firewall?

Required Ports to Open in Firewalls

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Default Port Number Used For
TCP 8093, 8094 Telnet Proxy (connect to device)
TCP 1098, 1099, 3873, 7911 JNDI, RMI, EJB (used for SNMP, CLI, processes, and client-server file access).
7077 Event post Pport
27017 MongoDB application server