What is the intermediate host of malaria?

What is the intermediate host of malaria parasite?

The intermediate host of malarial parasites is a mosquito of the genus anopheles that can infect humans and other mammals. … – Parasites are generally introduced into the human body during a blood meal by female Anopheles mosquito in the form of sporozoites.

What is the intermediate host of Plasmodium vivax?

In P. vivax, the definitive hosts are Anopheles mosquitoes (also known as the vector), while humans are the intermediate asexual hosts.

What is an intermediate host?

1 : a host which is normally used by a parasite in the course of its life cycle and in which it may multiply asexually but not sexually — compare definitive host.

What is a definitive host and intermediate host?

The definitive host is the one which harbors the adult parasite and where the parasite reproduces sexually. The intermediate host is the host which harbors the larval stage or the asexual forms of the parasite. Few parasites require two different intermediate hosts in addition to a definitive host.

What is a definite host?

Definition of definitive host

: the host in which the sexual reproduction of a parasite takes place — compare intermediate host sense 1.

What is Trophozoites in malaria?

A trophozoite (G. trope, nourishment + zoon, animal) is the activated, feeding stage in the life cycle of certain protozoa such as malaria-causing Plasmodium falciparum and those of the Giardia group. (The complement of the trophozoite state is the thick-walled cyst form).

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What are the causative agents of malaria?

Malaria is caused by the Plasmodium parasite. The parasite can be spread to humans through the bites of infected mosquitoes.

Which of the following has no intermediate host?

Ascaris lumbricoides (the common roundworm) has no intermediate host. Man acquires infection by directly ingesting Ascaris eggs having the infective second stage- rhabditoid larva, with contaminated food or water.