What does a good host guest relationship involve in the Odyssey?

What does a good host guest relationship involve in The Odyssey See Book 1 )? What are the obligations of the host and guest and what do they offer?

The respect from hosts to guests. Hosts must be hospitable to guests and provide them with a bath, food, drink, gifts, and safe escort to their next destination. It is considered rude to ask guests questions, or even to ask who they are, before they have finished the meal provided to them.

Who was a good host in The Odyssey?

The true exemplars of good hospitality in The Odyssey are the Phaeacians who host Odysseus when he washes ashore near their town.

What is the Greek word for the guest-host relationship that is so important in The Odyssey?

Xenia, the Greek concept of hospitality and the guest-host relationship, was, according to M.I. Finley in “The World of Odysseus”, a powerful institution in Ancient Greek times which solidified relationships between peoples and created alliances (100).

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Why is hospitality so important in The Odyssey?

Hospitality proved to be an essential value in The Odyssey. It shows the respect for people as well as the gods. For example, Odysseus approaches Eumaios’, one of Odysseus’ loyal servants, home as an old beggar. Eumaios still takes Odysseus in and offers him food and wine.

What does guest host relationship mean?

A convivial guest–host relationship is characterized by well-being mutuality and hospitality mutuality. Such a relation can be built when the guest and the host form a tri-party of coalitions, namely, economic, experience and hospitality.

How is Odysseus treated as a guest?

How is Odysseus treated as a guest? He is given the best chair and great food. What is unusual about the relationship of Alcinous and Arete?

How is Xenia important in the Odyssey?

The Odyssey Xenia Analysis

Xenia is a key value in the The Odyssey by Homer, as the book focuses on when it is offered and when there is a lack of it in the places Odysseus visited. Xenia is the Greek concept of hospitality, generosity towards travelers who are far from home and is very important to the Greeks.

In which ways does Athena help Telemachus?

First in her first meeting with Telemachus, she helps to give him the confidence and assertiveness to take action against the suitors and to begin a search for his father. Secondly, she does obtain the ship, men, and supplies for him to use while making the suitors sleep.

What does Odysseus say he values the most?

What 2 things does Odysseus value most highly? He values his family and home above all else.

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