Quick Answer: How do I upload a photo to cPanel?

How do I get an image URL in cPanel?

Accessing Image Manage

  1. Log in to your Just Host cPanel account.
  2. Locate the Advanced section.
  3. Select the the Image Manager icon. This will take you to the Image Tools list.

How do I upload a page to cPanel?

Uploading your website in cPanel guide

Select the Web Root (public_html/www) option and press the Go button. You will now see the File Manager screen. Click on the Upload icon. Press the Browse button to select the file you wish to upload.

How do I link to a file in cPanel?

Directly linking to a file on the server

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Go to the File manager and navigate to the folder where the file will be uploaded. In this tutorial, a . jpg image will be uploaded to the myimage directory. If there is no directory to upload the file to, create the directory and upload the file there.

How do I get the URL of a file in cPanel?

Finding the URL of a File

  1. Login to FTP or File Manager and note the parent folder where your file is stored (normally the public_html folder).
  2. Double click the appropriate folder icon to navigate inside public_html. …
  3. If you see the file here, you are done.
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How do I upload my WordPress site to cPanel?


  1. Log into WHM using your root login credentials.
  2. Find the Install cPAddons Site Software menu in the left-hand menu.
  3. Select WordPress from the list of software and click Update cPAddon Config:
  4. Allow the configuration update to complete. …
  5. Log into cPanel for your domain.
  6. Click on Site Software.

How do I use cPanel?

cPanel is where you’ll come to:

  1. Connect domain names to your hosting.
  2. Set up emails for your site.
  3. Install WordPress (or another content management system)
  4. Back up your website.
  5. Upload files to your server.
  6. Check your bandwidth and other usage stats.
  7. Change various security settings.
  8. Install add-on apps on your server.

How do I upload pictures from my iPhone to a website?

Click “Upload.” Browse through the files on your computer to locate your iPhone pictures. Generally, these pictures are located in the “iTunes” folder. Double-Click each photo to upload it to your web hosting server.

How do I upload a photo to a file?

To add an image to the file, select the file, open the Images tab and press the Add images to the tag button. Select the image and confirm your selection. Once the image is uploaded, it will be automatically marked as a front cover and the description will be the filename.

How do you upload pictures to a file?

To upload an image click on “Files” at the top of the screen. Click on “Upload” or add a title in the “Add Sub-Folder” box to add a new folder to upload images into. Find the image on your computer that you want to upload. Click on the image you want to add and click “Open” or double click the image.

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