Quick Answer: How do I uninstall Apache Tomcat?

How do I uninstall Apache from Windows 10?

Navigate to the “Program Files” folder, press “Shift,” select the “Apache Software Foundation” folder and press “Delete” to delete it.

How do I disable Apache Tomcat?

To stop the Windows service, do these steps:

  1. Click the Start menu and right-click Computer and select Manage.
  2. Expand Configuration and click Services.
  3. Right-click the Tomcat service and select Stop.

How do I know if Apache Tomcat is installed?

Use a browser to check whether Tomcat is running on URL http://localhost:8080 , where 8080 is the Tomcat port specified in conf/server. xml. If Tomcat is running properly and you specified the correct port, the browser displays the Tomcat homepage.

How do I start and stop Apache Tomcat on Windows?

1) Windows (if Tomcat is setup as Windows Service)

  1. To Start server: <Tomcat Root>/bin>Tomcat8.exe start.
  2. To Stop server: <Tomcat Root>/bin>Tomcat8.exe stop.

How do I uninstall Apache Tomcat from Windows?

To uninstall the Tomcat Windows Service, complete the following:

  1. Open a command prompt. You must run C:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe as Administrator.
  2. Change directories to the <APPIAN_HOME>tomcatapache-tomcatbin directory.
  3. Type the following command: service.bat uninstall.
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How do I uninstall and reinstall Apache?

Remove, Purge, or Reinstall Apache Web Server

  1. Remove will uninstall Apache from the system, but leave the configuration files behind. …
  2. Purge will uninstall Apache from the system, along with the configuration files inside /etc/apache2 . …
  3. Reinstall will remove Apache from your system and then install it again.

How do I stop Tomcat from running in the background?

To stop Tomcat running as Windows Services, Open Windows Control Panel. Find the service “Apache Tomcat” and Stop it. The Another way is to kill the process running on port 8080 using cmd.

I solve the problem in this way:

  1. go to bin of tomcat by prompt.
  2. launch startup. bat.
  3. launch shutdown. bat.
  4. start tomcat by Eclipse.

What version of Apache Tomcat Do I have Linux?


  1. Go to UCD_HomeopttomcatworkCatalinalocalhostROOTorgapachejspWEB_002dINFjspslogin_jsp.java. The exact Tomcat version can be found in the line : Version: Apache Tomcat/8.5.50.
  2. Go to <UCD-installed-Path>/opt/tomcat/lib directory and run. java -cp catalina.jar org.apache.catalina.util.ServerInfo. For example:

How do I start and stop Tomcat service in Linux?

How to Start and Stop Apache Tomcat from the Command Line (Linux)

  1. Start a Terminal window from the menu bar.
  2. Type in sudo service tomcat7 start and then hit Enter :
  3. You will receive the following message indicating the server is started:

What is Apache and Tomcat used for?

What is Apache Tomcat? Essentially it’s an open-source Java servlet and Java Server Page container that lets developers implement an array of enterprise Java applications. Tomcat also runs a HTTP web server environment in which Java code can run.

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What version of Apache Tomcat Do I have Windows?

There are 3 ways to get the Tomcat version information.

  1. Check the %_envision%logspi_webserver.log file and find the line contains Apache Tomcat. …
  2. Refer to the ServerInfo.properties file within the tomcat-catalina.jar file. …
  3. Run a Java command to show the Tomcat version.

Where does Tomcat install on Windows?


  1. Create the folders C:Program FilesTomcat, C:Program FilesTomcatbin and C:Program FilesTomcatlib.
  2. Browse the expanded content in your temporary folder and change into the folder apache-tomcat-8.0. …
  3. Copy the five files from the root in to the folder C:Program FilesTomcat.
  4. Goto the folder named bin.