Quick Answer: How do I host a website on Asustor?

How do I host my website on my NAS?

To host your website on your NAS, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Select [Services] -> [Web Server]. …
  2. In order to check that the setting has been successfully applied, enter the ASUSTOR NAS’s IP address into a Web browser and connect to it. …
  3. Now click on the Virtual Host tab and then click on the [Add] button.

Can you run a website on a NAS?

The simple answer is yes, there is no reason why NAS cannot be used to provide storage to a Web server. First VARs need to take into account the kind of traffic a Web server generates. Typically these will be random profile requests for Web pages, which will vary from a few bytes to a few kilobytes in size.

How do I setup a QNAP web server?

Log into QTS, go to “Control Panel” > “Applications” > “Web Server”, then in the “Web Server” page, tick “Enable Web Server“. If you want to connect using secure connection, tick “Enable secure connection (HTTPS)”.

Can I host a website on Synology NAS?

Host a website using Web Station

Put your web page files to the web shared folder on your Synology NAS. You can access this shared folder via DSM File Station, SMB, etc. Go to Web Station > Web Service Portal. Select Default server and click Edit.

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How do I host multiple websites on Synology NAS?

How To: Set up multiple Domains or Sub-Domains on Synology NAS

  1. Log onto your Synology NAS and open the web station. Select virtual host from the left menu.
  2. Select create from the top menu. In the windows that appears enter the details as shown below. …
  3. Next you will need to forward the ports on your router.

What is the URL of my Synology NAS?

Fire up your web browser and enter find.synology.com or the IP of the enclosure. (There’s also the Synology Assistant you can download.) Enter your account credentials and hit Log in.

What is better Apache or nginx?

NGINX performs 2.5 times faster than Apache according to a benchmark test performed by running up to 1,000 simultaneous connections. Another benchmark running with 512 simultaneous connections, showed that NGINX is about twice as fast and consumed less memory.

Can I host a website on my QNAP NAS?

you can also host multiple websites on your nas using Control panel -> Web Server -> Virtual host. create a virtual host for every website you want to host . assign a folder (or creat one) to it and specify a port . it has almost no options for hosting like nginx but it can WORK!

Can I use qnap as server?

Powered by the elegant and intuitive QTS operating system, QNAP NAS is your easy-to-use, customizable personal server with a comprehensive range of solutions including a very capable file manager, backup manager, download manager, access permissions, multimedia center, and a lot more!

How do I access my QNAP website?

You can access the web page you upload by entering http://NAS IP/ in the web browser. Note that when Web Server is enabled, you have to enter http://NAS IP:8080 in your web browser to access the login page of the NAS.

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