Quick Answer: How do I host a local Windows Service?

How do I host a Windows Service?

Open your Visual Studio if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, then open Visual Studio in Administrator mode and create a new project of type Windows Service like in the following diagram. Add a reference to your WCF service library from Project Add Reference Browse Select your WCF service .

How do I run SVC service locally?

Different Ways to Run WCF Services Locally

  1. First Option: Run it in full blown IIS.
  2. Third Option: Run the WCF project straight up using F5.
  3. Fourth Option: Run the WCF project straight up using F5 – but set Project Startup Priority for the entire .NET solution.

How do I host a service?

To host the service, you add code to do the following steps:

  1. Create a URI for the base address.
  2. Create a class instance for hosting the service.
  3. Create a service endpoint.
  4. Enable metadata exchange.
  5. Open the service host to listen for incoming messages.

How do I start SVC service?

Test the service

To open WCF Test Client, open Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio and execute WcfTestClient.exe. Select Add Service from the File menu. Type http://localhost:8080/hello into the address box and click OK. Make sure the service is running or else this step fails.

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How do I start Windows service with Installutil exe?

Start up the command prompt (CMD) with administrator rights. Type c:windowsmicrosoft.netframeworkv4. 0.30319installutil.exe [your windows service path to exe] Press return and that’s that!

What is Windows service application?

A Windows Service is an executable application that the operating system runs in the background. It does not require a logged-in user session to run. In Windows, the Service Control Manager (SCM) manages all Windows service processes. The SCM is a special system process that starts and stops the services.

How host WCF local in IIS?

In this article

  1. Ensure That IIS, ASP.NET and WCF Are Correctly Installed and Registered.
  2. Create a New IIS Application or Reuse an Existing ASP.NET Application.
  3. Create an .svc File for the WCF Service.
  4. Deploy the Service Implementation to the IIS Application.
  5. Configure the WCF Service.
  6. See also.

How do I create a WCF file?

Open Visual Studio.

  1. On the File menu, choose New > Project.
  2. In the New Project dialog box, expand the Visual Basic or Visual C# node and choose WCF, followed by WCF Service Library.
  3. Click OK to create the project.

How do I host a WCF service in a managed Windows service?

Install and run the service

Type installutil binservice.exe at the command prompt to install the Windows service. Type services. msc at the command prompt to access the Service Control Manager (SCM). The Windows service should appear in Services as “WCFWindowsServiceSample”.

How do I run a WCF client?

How to start the WCF Test Client? Open the folder “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0Common7IDE” and double-click on WcfTestClient.exe. If you have a 64 bit OS then look in the “Program Files (x86)” folder. From the command prompt we can open the tool by passing the service URI as a command argument.

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How do I run a WCF web service?

Open “MathService” WCF Service project with administrator rights (Run as Administrator) and then, add new web site (MathService_IIS) to its solution, as shown below. Now, add reference of the WCF Service to IIS Host project. Make the following changes in ‘Service. svc’ file.

How do you create a service reference in C#?

To add a reference to an external service. In Solution Explorer, right-click the name of the project to which you want to add the service, and then click Add Service Reference. The Add Service Reference dialog box appears. In the Address box, enter the URL for the service, and then click Go to search for the service.

What is SVC service?

An SVC file contains a small snippet of code that defines a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service. When referenced, the file activates a specific service in response to the incoming data. This service is run using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). About Microsoft Internet Information Services.

What is self hosted WCF?

This is referred to as a self hosting WCF service, the exact meaning of Self Hosted is that it hosts the service in an application that could be a Console Application or Windows Forms and so on. Earlier we saw what a WCF Service is in the . Net environment. We can host a WCF service in IIS and a Windows service also.