Question: What can an Airbnb host See About Me?

Can Airbnb hosts see your profile?

That is, a host has to look at your profile and messages and quickly determine that: “Yes, this is somebody I feel comfortable having in my home.”

What information is shared with Airbnb host?

When you as a Host have a confirmed booking, certain information is shared with the Guest (and the additional Guests they invite, if applicable) to coordinate the booking, such as your profile, full name, phone number, and Listing address.

Can Airbnb hosts see your reviews?

Some Airbnb customers might also be hesitant to write a negative review because they fear repercussions. “Hosts also review guests, and future hosts can see every review you leave,” says Emily McNutt, an editor at

Why does Airbnb need a picture of me?

Because some hosts value profile photos and want to be able to know who they can expect at their front door, we will give hosts the option to ask that guests provide a profile photo prior to booking, which will only be presented to the host after the host accepts the booking request.

Why does Airbnb want my ID?

Airbnb collects identity verification information to create and maintain a trusted environment for both hosts and travelers. It also requires your identity if you’re a host in order to provide the payment services to you.

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Can Airbnb see your profile picture?

Airbnb recently decided to make changes regarding the visibility of the profile pictures of their users. In the future, hosts won’t be able to see the photos until a booking has been accepted.

Can Airbnb Host see my phone number?

When is phone number hidden on Airbnb? … Once a booking is confirmed, Airbnb automatically reveals the registered phone number of guest and host, and they can freely share any other details after this point. Remember, it is advisable to communicate only via Airbnb and use phone number just in case of emergencies.

What is the Airbnb 90 day rule?

The City issues two separate permits for both hosted and unhosted home sharing. Hosted stays require that a host remain on-site throughout their guest’s stay except during daytime or work hours. Unhosted stays allow hosts to share their homes while away on vacation or work related travel for 90 days.

Are Airbnb reviews Anonymous?

But the problem is that these reviews aren’t anonymous, and I believe this causes people to feel pressure to post reviews that lean positive. If you have an unsatisfactory stay in an Airbnb property and leave a review that reflects your experience, your name is attached to your negative review forever.

How do I hide my reviews on Airbnb?

You can’t actually hide a review. The trick we discussed above is most likely the closest you’ll be able to get. Unless a review is in violation of Airbnb’s Review Policy, it isn’t going anywhere and reviews don’t expire.

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Does Airbnb hide bad reviews?

Some users have speculated that Airbnb selectively removes negative reviews to protect its top sellers. While the surprisingly ubiquitous online debate about the integrity of Airbnb’s reviews often notes that hosts don’t have the power to have bad reviews removed, that’s not true.