Question: Were the Apache nomadic or sedentary?

Was the Apache tribe nomadic?

Although the Apache eventually chose to adopt a nomadic way of life that relied heavily on horse transport, semisedentary Plains Apache farmers were living along the Dismal River in what is now Kansas as recently as 1700.

Which native group was sedentary?

Sedentary farmers such as the Hopi, the Zuni, the Yaqui and the Yuma grew crops like corn, beans and squash. Many lived in permanent settlements, known as pueblos, built of stone and adobe.

Which Native American groups in Texas were sedentary?

The Caddoes were a sedentary, planter people. One of the Caddoan tribes, called Tejas by the Spanish, is the origin for the name Texas. Coahuiltecans in South Texas were the impetus for the San Antonio missions.

Which tribes are nomadic and which are sedentary?

Terms in this set (9)

  • Nomadic or Sedentary: Arapaho. Nomadic.
  • Nomadic or Sedentary: Cheyenne. Nomadic.
  • Nomadic or Sedentary: Comanche. Nomadic.
  • Nomadic or Sedentary:Kiowa. Nomadic.
  • Nomadic or Sedentary: Kiowa Apache. Nomadic.
  • Nomadic or Sedentary: Kansa. Sedentary.
  • Nomadic or Sedentary: Osage. Sedentary.
  • Nomadic or Sedentary: Pawnee.

What did the Apaches tribe eat?

Primarily they were hunters. Apache men hunted buffalo, deer, antelope, and small game, while women gathered nuts, seeds, and fruit from the environment around them. Most traditional Apache people do not go fishing, since eating fish is prohibited in their religion.

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