Is LiteSpeed Web Server Open Source?

Is LiteSpeed Web Server free?

Our Free Starter License provides single site owners with the power of LiteSpeed Web Server at no cost! … It is 100% free for the life of the license.

Is LiteSpeed a web server?

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS), is a proprietary web server software. It is the 4th most popular web server, estimated to be used by 10% of websites as of July 2021. LSWS is developed by privately held LiteSpeed Technologies.

What is LiteSpeed Web Hosting?

LiteSpeed is a replacement for the Apache Web Server. It provides greater speed and performance and is a good choice for e-commerce sites as well as CMSs like WordPress and Drupal. Any host that can run Apache should be able to run LiteSpeed.

What is LiteSpeed used for?

LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server from LiteSpeed technologies. It can be used to replace an existing Apache server without changing any other programs or operating system details. Best of all, it can be integrated without breaking anything.

Is LiteSpeed better than Apache?

LiteSpeed is miles ahead of Apache when it comes to the performance side and the implementation of HTTP/3. They continue to make improvements to HTTP/2, and are making WordPress run more efficiently. Bottom Line: LiteSpeed Web Server is the clear winner in the battle of the software web server solutions.

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Is LiteSpeed better than nginx?

In all tests, LiteSpeed performs better than nginx: it transfers files faster and uses less CPU and memory. nginx never reaches TCP-level throughput at low bandwidth. At high bandwidth, nginx throughput is a fraction of that of LiteSpeed. nginx’s HTTP/3 is not ready for production use.

How does LiteSpeed server work?

LiteSpeed Web Server supports dynamic content written in PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, and Java. These web applications are run as external engines. Communication between the applications is facilitated through the use of a number of server APIs (SAPIs), including LiteSpeed’s exclusive LSAPI.

How do I install LiteSpeed Web Server?

How To Install LiteSpeed Web Server on cPanel

  1. First, we have to disable the ruid2 Apache module. …
  2. Click the Review Tab and then the Provision button at the bottom of the page. …
  3. Next, we’re going to activate the new web server. …
  4. When you confirm on the next page, cPanel stops Apache and starts the LiteSpeed Web Server.

Which does LiteSpeed provide brute protection capabilities for?

Starting with version 5.2. 3, LiteSpeed Enterprise has a built-in WordPress brute force attack protection system. It will protect shared hosting WordPress environments from large-scale brute force attacks, which have the potential to bring down entire servers.

What is LiteSpeed cache?

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) is a built-in, high-performance dynamic content acceleration feature of LiteSpeed server products.