Is Apache RTR 160 4V suitable for tall riders?

Is Apache 160 4V good for tall riders?

Yes, the bike has a good seat height, so the comfort in the front will be satisfactory. Moreover, you can have a test ride of the bikes for a better idea of comfort and ride quality.

Is Apache RTR 160 good for short riders?

Handling of this bike for only short height riders, so tall riders never buy apache. Braking is also not good in rtr 160 4v and i escape from accident. If i talk about looks, it is on fair side. The sporty race strip on tank, side petrol fill cap is eye catching and feel of sporty bike in first instance.

Which bike is better than Apache 160 4V?

1.15 Lakh which is Rs.

Honda XBlade vs TVS Apache 160 4V Summary.

XBlade Disc BS6 Apache RTR 160 4V Front Disc, Rear Drum
Rating 4.2 (171 Ratings) 4.1 (2317 Ratings)
Engine Type 4 stroke, SI, BS-VI Engine SI, 4 stroke, Oil cooled
Max Power 13.8 PS @ 8000 rpm 17.63 PS @ 9250 rpm
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol

Which bike is best for 5.4 height?

Bajaj Pulsar 150 has a seat height of 785 mm which is well suited for short riders. If your height is 5 feet 4 inches, you can easily handle the bike as your foot will be firmly placed on the ground.

Bajaj Pulsar 150.

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Model Bajaj Pulsar 150
Mileage 50 kmpl
Top Speed 110 kmph
Price (Ex-showroom Delhi) ₹ 92,499

Is Apache RTR 200 4V good for short riders?

This bike suits short riders. If you are anywhere around 5.8- 6 then you will find some difficulty while riding.

Is Apache RTR 160 4V a sports bike?

User Reviews of TVS Apache RTR 160 4V. It’s not a sports bike It’s a Race Machine!

Is Apache better than Yamaha?

10,565 costlier than base model of Yamaha FZS-FI V3 priced at Rs. 1.04 Lakh. The claimed mileage .

TVS Apache 160 4V vs Yamaha FZS FI V3 Comparison.

Key Highlights Apache RTR 160 4V FZS-FI V3
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol
Engine Displacement 159.7 cc 149 cc
Power 17.63 PS @ 9250 rpm 12.4 PS @ 7250 rpm

Which is best Honda or Apache?

The claimed mileage . In technical specifications, Honda XBlade is powered by 162.71 cc engine , while TVS Apache RTR 160 is powered by 159.7 cc engine.

Honda XBlade vs TVS Apache RTR 160 Comparison.

Key Highlights XBlade Apache RTR 160
Engine Displacement 162.71 cc 159.7 cc
Power 13.8 PS @ 8000 rpm 15.53 PS @ 8400 rpm

Which engine is best TVS or Yamaha?

But in all fairness, the fuel-injected version would set you back by Rs 99,101, which puts it on par with the Yamaha offering.

Yamaha FZS Fi V3.0 TVS Apache RTR 160 4V (Carb)
Engine Single cylinder Single cylinder
Type Air cooled FI Air cooled
Displacement 149cc 159.7cc
Valve System 2-valve 4valve