How many Commonwealth Games has India hosted yet?

How many times India hosted Commonwealth Games?

India has competed in all but four editions of the Commonwealth Games; starting at the second Games in 1934. India has also hosted the games once, in 2010. The most successful event for India in these games is shooting.

Overall Medal Tally By Games.

Year 2010 , New Delhi, India
Silver 27
Bronze 36
Total 101
Position 2nd

How many Commonwealth Games India has conducted?

The Republic of India joined the Commonwealth during 1947 on attaining independence and have been to fifteen Commonwealth Games, their first Games being in the second edition in 1934.

Will India host Commonwealth Games?

Asia. Rajeev Mehta, Secretary General of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) announced that they are willing to host the 2026 Games. … The IOA officials confirmed on 30 December 2019 that they will bid for the 2026 or 2030 Games. India hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Games in its capital city Delhi.

Which city will host Commonwealth Games in 2022?

What rank India got an last Commonwealth Games?


Rank Country Total
3 India 66
1 Australia 198
2 England 136
4 Canada 82

Where will the 2026 Commonwealth Games be held?

Is China in the Commonwealth Games?

India finished at the third position in the 2018 Commonwealth Games (CWG) held in Gold Coast. … For example, in the 2010 or 2014 Asian games, countries which were ahead of India (China, Japan, North and South Korea, Iran, Thailand and Kazakhstan) are not part of the Commonwealth.

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