How do I remove a domain from cPanel namecheap?

How do I remove main domain from cPanel namecheap?

To request the main domain change:

  1. Go to the Hosting List in the Namecheap account.
  2. Find the respective domain and click Manage next to the hosting package:
  3. On the next page, chose the Change Main Domain in the Account Actions drop-down menu:
  4. Enter the new domain name and agree to the disclaimers:

How do I remove a domain from cPanel?

In the cPanel Home page, in the Domains section, click Addon Domains. In the Addon Domains section, next to the domain you want to remove, in the Actions column, click the trash can. Click Remove. cPanel removes the addon domain from the account.

How do I delete a domain from Namecheap?

How to cancel Namecheap

  1. Sign in to your Namecheap account.
  2. Select Account in the top left-right corner.
  3. Select Domain list.
  4. In the top right-hand corner, select All Products.
  5. In front of the hosting service associated with your domain name, select Manage.
  6. Select the Cancel service button.
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How do I unlink a domain from a host?

Removing a Domain from a Shared, VPS, or Dedicated Hosting Account

  1. Log in to the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. In the left sidebar, click Domains, then click Manage Your Domain Names in the drop-down.
  3. In the Domain Name category, click the name of the domain you want to remove.

How do I change my main domain in cPanel?

Step 1 – Log into WHM and Select the List Accounts option. Step 2 – Click on the + icon next to the domain you wish to change, then click on the Modify Account button. Step 3 – Update the Primary Domain field to the new domain. Note: We highly recommend NOT changing the cPanel username.

How do I remove canvas from Namecheap?

Yes, you can remove Canvas in the following way: click on Apps in the left-side menu >> Edit >> Click on the “Remove” icon next to your Canvas subscription >> Confirm the removal by clicking “OK” >> Press the “OK” button the top right corner of your Apps dashboard.

How do I delete a domain?

How to delete a domain

  1. Sign in to Google Domains.
  2. Select the name of your domain.
  3. Open the menu .
  4. Click Registration settings.
  5. Scroll down to Delete domain.
  6. To the right of “Delete domain,” click Delete.
  7. Sign in again to confirm your identity.
  8. Review the restrictions, and click Yes I’m sure, delete domain.

How do I delete my siteground domain?

Go to Site Tools > Domain > Parked Domains > click Delete (delete icon) next to the entry for the desired parked domain name.

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How do I change primary domain in cPanel GoDaddy?

Go to your GoDaddy product page. Under Web Hosting, next to the Linux Hosting account you want to use, click Manage. In the account Dashboard, in the Settings section, next to Primary Domain, click Manage. Select or enter the domain you want to use, and then click Change Domain.

Can you cancel a domain transfer?

Generally, once a domain transfer is in progress, it cannot be canceled.

Can you stop a domain transfer?

When a domain is pending transfer at the registry it can be only canceled by the losing registrar. This means that if you decide you don’t want to transfer your domain away from midway through the process, then we can cancel it as long as it’s still pending.

How do I delete private email namecheap?

How to delete Namecheap Private Email mailbox

  1. Sign in to your Namecheap account.
  2. Go to Domain List menu on your left and click caret to expand the list of the associated services (make sure All Products is selected in the top right corner):

How do I change my main domain?

Use WHM to Change Primary Domain

  1. Log into WHM.
  2. Click on List Accounts.
  3. Click the plus sign by the account you want to change, then click on the Modify Account button.
  4. Type the new Primary Domain in the box marked Primary Domain, then scroll all the way down to click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

How do I change my domain hosting?

Change the domain name in the Control Panel

  1. Step 1: Log in to your Control Panel. Learn how.
  2. Step 2: Navigate to the Order Information view. Type the Domain Name of the order in the search field on the homepage, select Order from the drop down and click on Search.
  3. Step 3: Change the domain name. Click on Change Domain.
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How do I delete a website from hosting?

In order to do so, open Hosting → Manage:

  1. Scroll down and you will see Add Website section:
  2. Once there, select the domain you wish to remove and click on Delete: