How do I find my GoDaddy host name?

Where is my GoDaddy host name?

Find my GoDaddy nameservers

  • Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center. …
  • Select your domain name from the list to access the DNS Management page.
  • Locate the NS records for your domain and take note of the values.

How do I find my host server name?

Use the ICANN Lookup tool to find your domain host.

  1. Go to
  2. In the search field, enter your domain name and click Lookup.
  3. In the results page, scroll down to Registrar Information. The registrar is usually your domain host.

What is GoDaddy nameservers?

Nameservers are your primary DNS controller, and without the correct nameserver settings, your email and website won’t work correctly. Your domain must be registered with GoDaddy in your account to edit nameservers. … Select your domain to access the Domain Settings page.

Where is DNS hosting on GoDaddy?

How to Check DNS with GoDaddy’s DNS Manager

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy Account.
  2. Click My Products.
  3. From go to the Domains tab, and then click Manage All. …
  4. From the Manage column, go the domain you want to manage, click the ellipses, and then select Manage DNS.
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How do I find my database host on GoDaddy?

To do this, go to the Godaddy control panel and click on the Databases -> MySQL menu. Click on the name of the database. This will bring up a new window. On the new window will be a Hostname field.

How do I find my GoDaddy cPanel hostname?

In order to find your Hostname in cPanel, follow the steps provided below.

  1. Login to your cPanel installation.
  2. On the left side, you will see “Stats”. Find that, and click “expand stats”.
  3. Scroll down the statistics, and you will find “Server Name”.
  4. The Hostname would be [ServerName].

How do I connect my GoDaddy domain to my hosting?

Add DNS hosting

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center. (Need help logging in? …
  2. Select DNS > Add DNS Hosting.
  3. Type your domain in the Domain Name field, then select Next.
  4. Assign the provided nameservers to your domain name through your domain registrar.

Is the hostname the same as the server name?

A hostname is typically a domain name that points to the IP address of a hardware device connected to a network. … Name servers, on the other hand, are dedicated servers on the web that help you identify websites by their respective domain names.

What is GoDaddy DNS IP address?

4.218, the IP address for

How do I find my GoDaddy IP address?

Log in to your GoDaddy account. In your My Products page, click Servers. Next to the server you want to use, click Manage. The server IP address appears in the Details tab.

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Where are GoDaddy servers?

The company owns one of its data centers and leases the rest from wholesale providers. Its own data center is in Phoenix, Arizona, and it has two leased sites in the state: Scottsdale, which is also home to its headquarters, and Mesa. The others are in Los Angeles, Chicago, Ashburn, Virginia, Amsterdam and Singapore.

Can you change your domain name on GoDaddy?

Once a domain is registered we are unable to edit or change the spelling of the domain. We register the domain name exactly how you enter it. You are welcome to try and purchase the correct domain, if it is available. You also have the option of canceling the domain name so that it is no longer registered to you.