How do I deploy laravel project in Godaddy cPanel?

How do I deploy laravel app in cPanel?

How to deploy Laravel 8 project on shared hosting cPanel

  1. Step 1: Compress the Entire Laravel Project Folder.
  2. Step 2: Open Shared Hosting CPanel.
  3. Step 3: Extract Project Folder.
  4. Step 4: Update Index.php File.
  5. Step 5: Upload Database.
  6. Step 6: Add Database Details.

Does GoDaddy support laravel?

The biggest problem you have is that GoDaddy’s latest supported version of PHP is v5. 6. Laravel v5. 5 and later all require PHP v7.

How do I deploy laravel Vue project in cPanel?

laravel Vuejs How to Deploy on Server

  1. push to hosting.
  2. run composer to install vendor packages.
  3. set permissions for logs and storage directory.
  4. set up db + add settings .env.
  5. run artisan migrate to install db tables.
  6. point webroot to /public/index.php.

How do I deploy laravel project in cPanel subdomain?

How to upload laravel project on subdomain?

  1. Create your sub-domain.
  2. Upload your laravel project to the sub-domain home directory.
  3. After you have uploaded all the files. Update your sub-domain document-root to point to public_html/registration/public/ folder, you can do this from sub-domain manager inside cPanel see.
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How do I host a Godaddy laravel project?

What you have to do is the following…

  1. Install the contents of your Laravel public folder into Godaddy’s public_html folder.
  2. Install your entire Laravel project 1 folder up from public_html.
  3. Go into your public_html’s index.php and modify the require/include statements to properly point to your project.

How do I deploy laravel 6 project in cPanel?

9 Answers

  1. Zip your entire Laravel project and export your DB to sql.
  2. Login to cPanel and navigate to File Manager.
  3. Ensure you’re in the root folder, then click “Upload”
  4. Select your zip file and wait for upload to complete.
  5. Unzip the uploaded file.
  6. Move the content of public to public_html folder.

How do I deploy laravel project on GoDaddy Plesk?

What to basically need to do is create a folder for your app on the home directory and then on the httpdocs, put the public folder from your app. GoDaddy Plesk Folder List: cgi-bin. error_docs.

Inside the httpdocs folder:

  1. App_Data.
  2. . user. ini.
  3. Default. aspx.
  4. web. config.

How deploy laravel application on server?

How to Deploy Laravel Project on Cloudways Server

  1. Step 1: Install Laravel Application. …
  2. Step 2: Deploy the Application from a Repository. …
  3. Step 3: SSH to Your Server. …
  4. Step 4: Run the Composer. …
  5. Step 5: Update the Environment Configurations. …
  6. Step 6: Execute Database Migration and Seeder [OPTIONAL]

How do I upload a project to cPanel?

How to Upload a File Using File Manager

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. In the FILES section, click File Manager.
  3. In the upper right-hand corner, click on Settings.
  4. Select Web Root, Show Hidden Files, and then click Go. …
  5. Click to open the folder to which you’d like to upload files.
  6. Click Upload from the top toolbar.

How do I upload a Vue project to cPanel?

Goto to your project folder -> config -> index. js file ensure that the assetsPublicPath: is pointed to the public_html path of your shared hosting account. Run the “npm run build” command. Go to your project folder copy the contents of the dist folder paste them in the public_HTML folder of your cpanel.

How do I upload laravel app to shared hosting?

Laravel shared hosting deploy steps

  1. Remove the public from URL.
  2. Export database from the local environment.
  3. Do ZIP your Laravel project.
  4. Create a database in your cPanel.
  5. Import the local exported database into shared hosting database.
  6. Upload project ZIP file to public_html folder and extract.

How connect PHP database to GoDaddy?

Connecting to MySQL Using PHP

  1. Connect to your MySQL server using the mysqli_connect statement. For example: $con = mysqli_connect(‘HOSTNAME’,’USERNAME’,’PASSWORD’); …
  2. Select the database that you want to access using mysqli_select_db . For example: mysqli_select_db(‘DATABASENAME’, $con)

Can we host PHP website on GoDaddy?

Choose from over 150 free server-side applications to develop and customize your website, including Python, PHP, CloudLinux OS, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

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