How do I change the HTTP port in Windows Apache?

How do I change my Apache HTTP server port number?

To change the port number, follow the steps below:

  1. Edit the /opt/bitnami/apache2/conf/bitnami/bitnami.conf file and modify the value specified in the Port directive. For example: Listen 8443 <VirtualHost _default_:8443>
  2. Restart the Apache server for changes to take effect. sudo /opt/bitnami/ restart apache.

How do I change my HTTP server port?

To change the http server port number:

  1. Stop StarTeam Notification Agent.
  2. Each TomCat http server has a server. …
  3. Locate the following <Connector> statement: <Connector className=”org.apache.catalina. …
  4. Change the port number to an appropriate number. …
  5. Save the modified file.
  6. Start Notification Agent Setup.

How do I change the default port for Apache?

Open and edit 000-default. conf file and change the port to 8081 as shown in the below image. Finally, to apply changes and make Apache bind on the new port, restart the daemon and check local network sockets table using netstat or ss command. Port 8081 in listening should be displayed in your server network table.

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How do I get Apache to listen to a different port?

Configure Apache Web Site to Use Multiple Ports

  1. Context: In my example, I ran Apache on Port 80 on a single IP. …
  2. Step 1: Open Apache configuration File httpd.conf (on my windows host, it’s located here: “c:Program FilesApache GroupApache2conf”)
  3. Step 2: Find the line: Listen 80 and Type Listen 8080 on the next line:

How do I find my Apache port number?

1 Answer

  1. lsof -i will list open ports and the corresponding applications. lsof | grep apache for apache. …
  2. See /etc/hosts for IP addresses connected to names.
  3. See /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ for settings about the sites that are active for Apache.
  4. See /etc/apache2/ports.conf for the Listen .

How do I enable a HTTP Port?

Enable or Disable HTTP/HTTPS Ports

  1. Log on to Universal CMDB.
  2. Select Administration > Infrastructure Settings.
  3. Enter either http or https in the Filter (by Name) box to display the HTTP settings. Enable HTTP(S) connections. True: the port is enabled. …
  4. Restart the server to apply the change. Caution.

Is Port 80 the same as 8080?

Port 80 is the default port. It’s what gets used when no port is specified. 8080 is Tomcat’s default port so as not to interfere with any other web server that may be running. If you are going to run Tomcat as your web server, the port can be changed to 80 so that visitors do not need to specify it.

How do I unblock Port 80 in Apache?

Go to the Control Panel and launch “Windows Firewall” Go to “Advanced Settings” Select “Inbound Rules” in the left pane Select “New Rule” in the right pane In the New Inbound Rule Wizard, select “Port” as Rule Type, then click on “Next” Select “TCP and put “80” (and any other ports you want to open) in “Specific local …

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How do I stop Apache from running on Port 80?

Stop Apache2 from restarting on port 80 on boot

  1. sudo update-rc. d apache2 disable.
  2. sudo update-rc. d -f apache2 remove.
  3. sudo apt remove apache2. *

What is HTTP port?

Port 80 is the port number assigned to commonly used internet communication protocol, Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). It is the port from which a computer sends and receives Web client-based communication and messages from a Web server and is used to send and receive HTML pages or data.

Why is port 8080 used?

Port number 8080 is usually used for web servers. When a port number is added to the end of the domain name, it drives traffic to the web server.

How do I change my VMWare port number?

Port 443 in use by VMWare

  1. Launch VMWare Workstation.
  2. Use the “Edit → Preferences → Shared VMs” menu and in the resulting dialog, enter a new port number for the VMWare Workstation Server.
  3. Click “OK” to save your changes. Restart VMWare Workstation for your change to take effect.