How do I assign a license to ESXi host in vCenter?

How do I assign a license to ESXi host?


  1. Navigate to the host in the inventory.
  2. Select the Configure tab.
  3. Under Settings, select Licensing.
  4. Click Assign License.
  5. In the Assign License dialog box, select the task that you want to perform. In the vSphere Client, select an existing license or select a newly created license. Task. Steps.

How do I assign a VMware license to a host file?

From the Windows Start menu, select Programs > VMWare > VMware vSphere Web Client > vSphere Web Client.

  1. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to the host in the vSphere inventory.
  2. Click the Manage tab.
  3. Under System, select Licensing.
  4. Click Assign License Key.

How does vCenter connect to ESXi host?

To connect an ESXi host to vCenter Server:

  1. Login to the vSphere Client.
  2. Right click on the ESXi host in the Inventory.
  3. Click Connect. Note: A reconnect host task appears in the recent tasks pane.
  4. Wait until the task status changes to complete.
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How do I add a host to vCenter?


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to a data center or folder within a data center.
  2. Right-click the data center or folder and select Add Host.
  3. Enter the IP address or the name of the host and click Next.
  4. Enter administrator credentials and click Next.
  5. Review the host summary and click Next.

How do I enter my ESXi license key?

Licensing a vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi 6.0) host

  1. Log in to the ESX/ESXi host using VMware vSphere Client.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Click Licensed Features under Software.
  4. Click Edit under Licensed Features.
  5. Select Assign a new license key to this host.
  6. Press Enter and enter the License Key.
  7. Click OK.

How do I transfer a VMware license to another host?

To move license keys:

  1. Log in to Customer Connect.
  2. Select Manage Licenses from the Quick Links icon OR click on Products and Accounts > Accounts > Manage Licenses from the top navigation menu.
  3. Select the folder(s) containing the license key(s) you would like to move.
  4. Select the desired license key(s).

What function key is used to configure the ESXi host?

After you enable the ESXi Shell in the direct console, you can use these below combination of ALT + Function keys to access the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) of an ESXi host: ALT+F1 = Switches to the console. ALT+F2 = Switches to the DCUI.

How do I add a license key to VMware?

On the VMware web site, click SUPPORT > Your Account > Product Registration, sign in, and enter your LAC in the appropriate box. After you register your LAC, you can display, manage, and activate your licenses using the VMware web-based license activation portal.

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How do I get vCenter IP from ESXi host?

Connect to the ESXi host using SSH.

Determine the managed IP address of the vCenter Server:

  1. Connect to vCenter Server with the vSphere Client.
  2. Click on the vCenter Server’s name.
  3. Click Configure > Advanced Settings > EDIT SETTINGS.
  4. Search for the value of VirtualCenter. AutoManagedIPV4 And VirtualCenter. AutoManagedIPV6.

How do I add ESXi host to vCenter cluster?

Adding ESXi hosts to vCenter

  1. Log in with an account that has administrator privileges.
  2. On the Home page, go to Hosts and Clusters.
  3. Right-click the datacenter object, and then select Add host.
  4. Enter the appropriate DNS name or IP address for the first compute host.
  5. Complete the remainder of the Add Host wizard.

How do I add multiple ESXi hosts to vCenter?


  1. In the vSphere Client, navigate to a cluster within a data center.
  2. On the Configure tab, select Configuration > Quickstart.
  3. Click Add in the Add hosts card.
  4. On the Add hosts page, add new or existing hosts to the cluster. …
  5. Click Next.

What is host in vCenter?

ESX hosts are the servers/data storage devices on which the ESX or ESXi hypervisor has been installed. The use of hypervisors such as ESX and ESXi to create VMs (virtualization) is highly efficient, as one host device can support multiple (up to a dozen or more) VMs. … VMM integrates directly with VMware vCenter Server.

How many hosts can be placed into a vCenter cluster?

Gain Flexibility with vSphere Cluster

A vSphere cluster is a set of ESXi hosts configured to share resources such as processor, memory, network and storage. In vSphere environments, each cluster can accommodate a maximum of 32 ESXi hosts, with each host supporting up to 1024 VMs.

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