Frequent question: What are the six main features of a host responsibility policy?

What is a host responsibility policy?

Host responsibility policies and plans are designed to reduce the abuse of alcohol by creating and promoting a safe drinking environment. … The policy will outline what the premises are going to do to make members or customers feel welcome, safe, comfortable and able to buy the products and services they want.

What is the purpose of responsible service of alcohol?

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) is a legal requirement under s73 of the Liquor Act that ensures that licensees and staff understand their obligations in selling and providing alcohol responsibly.

What are three 3 strategies to prevent intoxication?

Strategies include monitoring, offering alternatives and implementing restrictions on the service of alcohol.

Can you serve complimentary alcohol?

Police are targeting hairdressers and barber shops around New Zealand in a crackdown on complementary alcohol for customers. It is against the law to give away free alcohol, and it’s illegal to serve alcohol without a liquor licence. … “It is an offence to promote or advertise alcohol that is free of charge.

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What is the purpose of the host responsibility?

What is Host Responsibility? Host Responsibility outlines a set of strategies to help create safer drinking environments. It aims to reduce intoxication and its associated harms by focusing on the server of alcohol and the environment in which alcohol is consumed.

What does the C stand for in scab?

Coordinated, balanced, standing without help or support.

What are 3 benefits of providing responsible service of alcohol?

Responsible service leads to patrons who are drinking within their capacity, which lessens the incidents of unruly behaviour that arises from excessive drinking. As well, with responsible service, employees can rest easy that the possible effects of rowdy behaviour are minimised.

Who are the three 3 types of customers to whom alcohol service must be refused?

3.3 Identify customers to whom sale or service must be refused according to state and territory legislation, including minors, those purchasing on behalf of minors, intoxicated persons, and persons affected by the consumption of illicit and other drugs.

What are the RSA principles?

Principles of Promoting Liquor | RSA Online NSW

  • Must not appeal to minors (below 18 years old)
  • Must be decent and not in any way offensive.
  • Must not encourage irresponsible drinking.
  • Must not involve the provision of free or extremely discounted drinks.
  • Must not condone breaking the law or aggressive behaviour.

What are four 4 measures a venue can undertake to providing a safe environment?

A safe environment may include:

  • train staff in the responsible service of alcohol;
  • safe transport alternatives;
  • drink size;
  • availability of water;
  • appropriate lighting inside and outside venue;
  • adequate staff or security persons to monitor or control patrons behaviour,
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What four 4 Steps must be taken when refusing service of alcohol to a customer?

Do be polite and avoid value judgements. Use tact – politely inform the patron you will not serve them any more alcohol. Do point to posters/signs behind the liquor service point to reinforce your decision. Do explain the reason for refusal of service (e.g. showing signs of being unduly intoxicated).