Can you change DNS from cPanel?

Where are DNS settings in cPanel?

cPanel provides the ability to view your DNS Zone file, which contains your DNS records.

  1. Log into your cPanel. …
  2. Locate the Domains section of cPanel and click on the Zone Editor icon.
  3. Find your domain in the list under the Domain heading.

Is cPanel a DNS host?

cPanel integrates the PowerDNS nameserver, a high-performance server with low memory requirements. PowerDNS is the default, but you can also select BIND if you need recursive DNS or to edit zone files manually.

How do I change DNS in cPanel namecheap?

Navigate to the Domains section and click on the Zone Editor menu.

  1. For cPanel Basic Theme:
  2. Click the Manage button next to the domain which DNS zone you would like to edit:
  3. If you would like to add a new record, click + Add Record:
  4. MX record. …
  5. Example: …
  6. Example:

How do I change my DNS in hosting?

How to Change the Nameservers?

  1. Log into hPanel, navigate to Domains, and select the domain name you want to edit.
  2. Under Domain Information next to your Nameservers, select Change.
  3. Under the Select Nameservers section, choose Hostinger nameservers or Change nameservers. …
  4. Save your changes.
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How do I point my domain to cPanel?

How do I add the addon domain to cPanel?

  1. Enter the domain name in the New Domain Name field. …
  2. Ensure the FTP username is appropriate in the next field. …
  3. Make sure that the document root is in the appropriate place. …
  4. Enter and confirm the password you want to use with this domain in the appropriate fields.

How do I change my IP address in cPanel?

Go to Home >> Main >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup menu and click All Tab. Change the IP address in the Nameservers section and save changes.

How do I configure DNS?


  1. Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced > Private DNS.
  2. Select Private DNS provider hostname.
  3. Enter as the hostname of the DNS provider.
  4. Click Save.

What is cPanel DNSOnly?

The cPanel DNSOnly® software allows you to run a dedicated physical nameserver. You can then use this and other servers to create a DNS cluster. It is the simplest version of cPanel & WHM and only replicates DNS zones to your other servers.

Does NordVPN change DNS?

The NordVPN native applications automatically use NordVPN’s DNS servers when connected to VPN. This is done to prevent DNS leaks during a VPN connection, ensuring that your DNS requests are safe. You can configure your device manually to use our DNS servers. … You can alternatively use other preferred DNS servers.

What is default MX record for cPanel?

Adding an MX record entry

If you do not know how to log in to your cPanel account, please see this article. In the Add an MX Record dialog box, in the Priority text box, type a priority. Lower numbers represent higher priorities. Zero () is the highest priority.

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How do I add a TXT DNS record in cPanel?

Set Up: Adding a TXT record in cPanel

  1. Click on Zone Editor under Domains in cPanel.
  2. From the Domains table, locate the addon domain name you want to add an TXT record.
  3. Click Manage from the Actions column.
  4. Click Add Record.
  5. From the Type drop-down menu, select TXT.

How do I change nameservers on SiteGround?

As long as your domain is registered through SiteGround there will be no problem to change its name servers. This can be done from Client Area > Services > Domains > Manage. Click on Manage nameserver and modify the NS records for your domain and then click Confirm to save the changes.

How do I change nameservers on cPanel Hostinger?

To reach it, go to the Domains section and click on the domain for which you want to change nameservers:

  1. Changing NS records via new design. …
  2. If you want to use external nameservers, click on “Use my own nameservers” and insert the values:
  3. Click Save – and changes will be successfully implemented.

How do I flush my DNS hosting?

Type ipconfig /flushdns on the command prompt and press enter. This command will clear DNS cache files on your computer and reset the DNS resolver cache.