Visitor Hike and Feedback By TSR Team on October 25, 2012

This past has month has been great for us at The Server Reviews. We’ve recently passed 130 providers listed on our websites, and we are now averaging 150 visitors every day. This is over 500% growth since August, so this is definitely great news for everyone using The Server Reviews, as visits for us are [...]

Why Reading Hosting Server Reviews is Important for you as a Potential Customer By TSR Team on September 17, 2012

Before choosing any web hosting, VPS hosting, game server, or dedicated server provider, a person should do an extensive search through customer reviews. Hosting reviews consist of a customer’s personal experience with a hosting service, which shines light on the real face of the business. Customer reviews enable a person to collect more information about [...]

Updates and Increased Visitors By TSR Team on September 14, 2012

Hope you’ve all been having a smooth transition from the summer to work mode! We certainly have and we’d like to share some great stuff that’s been happening for the site lately.