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Founded May 1, 2011

VPS6.NET offers affordable, high quality Linux/Windows virtual private server hosting designed for top performance and total reliability.

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http2 said
Customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

i went out on a limb and tried this new-ish webhost with little reviews on the internet, having high hopes. unfortunately, this is one of the worst webhosts i've used in my time of being a webmaster, including free hosts.

no, vps6 does not force ads or anything like that, but the service they provide is low grade. in the month that i stayed with vps6 i had to contact their support well over 10 times.

i'll list a few of the reasons below:

1) not a big deal, but when my account was setup always (never fixed) displayed a SSL error with a proceed anyway or leave this page options. when i go to my cpanel, i want to see my cpanel, not an SSL error.

2) their HTTP server configurations weren't compatible with search engine robots. i put up an existing website with decent google rankings on vps6, soon after new pages that i published to the website were not able to be indexed by google due to their hosting configs. specifically redirecting to which changed all my URLs indexed by google and left my visitors numbers dropping.

3) if you're used to grade a support, vps6 is not the place to go. they have one live support rep, which isn't on all day at beck and call. and if you contact their live support for technical support, they'll just tell you to open a support ticket. and once you open a support ticket, sometimes they take a day or two to fix a problem, and sometimes when they fix a problem they don't reply to the support ticket, leaving you wondering "are they finished fixing the error?". so there's little communication from the tech department.

there's a good many more reasons why vps6 isn't the place to go, but i don't feel like typing them.

so just take my word for it.

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Performance 1 stars Support 1 stars Pricing 2 stars

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