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Founded Jan 9, 2009
CEO: Joseph W.

[email protected]

About FastPings, LLC With the principles and ideas brought from years of experience we bring you the worlds first Top Tier minecraft hosting provider at a mainstream price. FastPings, LLC spares no c...

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Services Provided

Minimum VPS Hosting Server Hardware

CPU: Intel Xeon™ E5-2660 x2


Hard Drive Set 1: 4x512GB SSD

Hard Drive Set 2: 2x2000GB SATAII

RAID (Set 1): 10

RAID (Set 2): 1

Net Speed: 2000Mbps

Bandwidth: 95th percentile

Most Popular VPS Hosting Plan: Not specified

VPS Hosting Reviews

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Rezenith said
VPS hosting customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

Going from server to server, I was having trouble finding a suitable host that would support a Feed the Beast server due to its very demanding nature and CPU hog.

I finally came across Multiminecraft from another website and seeing that they actually owned their own server hardware and are running E5s, I decided to try them out.

1. Performance has been fantastic, their enterprise grade hardware really shows. Uptime has been spot on 100%.

2. Price, it is a bit steep but expected due to their costs.

3. Support. This is where they shine. Contact them during their working hours and you will receive a response promptly within anyway from minutes to an hour.

They recommended me mods to improve server performance such as TickThreading that modify the Forge mod files to utilize multithreading.

I was serviced by Joseph Wu and I have to applaud his commendable service.

Overall, great hardware, great support, reasonable pricing. If you want dependable and powerhouse servers, this is the place to go.

Rezenith's Ratings
Performance 46 stars Support 46 stars Pricing 46 stars

Marry said
VPS hosting customer for 1 Year(s) - Overal experience: Negative


Marry's Ratings
Performance 46 stars Support 46 stars Pricing 46 stars

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