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Founded Jul 29, 1993
CEO: Mario Massa

[email protected]

44 Flagstone Hill Road
Wantage, 07461 USA

With over twelve years of continuous operation, Trinity Gaming operates quality game and voice servers at reasonable prices in North America and Europe. The company that was to become Trinity Gaming (Laker.Net - Laker Information Systems, LLC) was founded as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) by Scott G. Taylor and Sir Freddie Laker in 1994. As the online gaming segment grew, dialup and broadband services were spun off in 2001 so that we could concentrate on what we love to do: Gaming! Thus, Trinity Gaming was born. We're a no-nonsense company operated by professionals with quality, honesty, integrity, and pride driving our business. We're gamers, too, and we know what gamers want. If you want a quality server with excellent support and honest business dealings at a fair price, you've come to the right place. Trinity Gaming has been selected as the exclusive provider of traditional game hosting by TWL-Teamwarfare League and its TWL Servers powered by Trinity Gaming. We are the Official Provider for all GR2 and GR3 PlayStation2 servers in North America and Europe. We are an Official Trusted Partner of EA for service of Battlefield 2 Ranked Servers. We are a partner of the US Army for operation of the America's Army Honor Servers. Why should YOU choose Trinity? 1. Our People Our people are gamers, too. We're here to help. Our history in gaming dates back to the days of Sierra Online, the original Doom, and up to and including recent games such as Medal Of Honor Allied Assault. So we know what most gamers out there are looking for and deliver exactly that. Fast connections, low pings, and the games you want to play. We have been providing outstanding online services since 1994, and have concentrated solely on gaming and gaming-related services since 2002. 2. Our Equipment Trinity offers state-of-the-art servers with custom-tuned Linux kernels and finely tuned Windows server installations perfected for serving up today's and tomorrow's high performance games. Play on any of our customer's servers and you immediately realize the quality of the server and the connection. The proof is in the playing. 3. Our Procedures We setup your server quickly. We give you the access and the tools to manage it, and we're here to help you when you need it. 4. Our Locations Worried about those high pings from distances far away? Fear not with Trinity. From California to South America, Canada to Texas, East to West coast, and Europe, pings will be low as they can go. Simply put, Trinity is like having a server in your back yard. Choose from any of our many Technology Centers. 5. Our Prices Low costs with maximum return for your dollar. We offer you the finest in game server hosting without the high price tag. Found it cheaper elsewhere? Let us know. We can price match most reputable competitors. 6. Our Service "I was outraged when our clan's hosting company told us to call THEM when we went down due to an IP change. Isn't that why WE pay THEM?" .. Well we couldn't agree more. At Trinity, we have our finger on the pulse of our business and our customers. We speak your language, we understand your concerns, and we have people to get the job done. The end result is the best service in the market. We play online games, too. We know how important it is that concerns are addressed timely and professionally. 7. Our Experience Our founders have the experience to make sure the job is done right. We're not a fly-by-night cable garage operation funded by some rich kid's dad. Our guys have been in the trenches and have founded and run successful Internet and computer engineering services businesses since 1989. We founded one of South Florida's first and leading ISPs, and one of the nation's first Linux server hardware engineering firms. We've been administering high-performance Internet game servers since Tribes I. Hardware, Internet, and Gaming all comes together here at Trinity. Our experience work for you, and you can count on us. 8. Our competition That's right. Our competition. We're so confident that you'll choose Trinity when you've researched the competition that we invite you to take a look around the web and see what our competition offers and compare us to them. Thank you for choosing Trinity Games. Trinity Gaming accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal,Google Checkout.

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OreallyNow said
Customer for 3 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

This is by far the worst server provider I've ever dealt with. Not only do the servers lag but I also was billed early. And before I cancelled I went and found other clans who used Trinity. They also had server issues. How can you run a company and provide such worthless servers that lag all the time.

Word of advise, don't rent from TrinityGames. And if you think I'm wrong well go and find others who've used them and see for yourself.

OreallyNow's Ratings
Performance 7 stars Support 8 stars Pricing 8 stars

Tanwarz said
Customer for 2 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

Tried it for two months, and two servers 32 slot and 16 , well,
1. Got charged before due date.
2. Server keeps lagging.
3. Procon doesn't work properly.
4. No responds to E-mail. (have sent more than 5 mails already).

Tanwarz's Ratings
Performance 7 stars Support 8 stars Pricing 8 stars

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