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About Us:
Minecraft hosting for the best price with the greatest performance and reliability
We are dedicated to providing the fastest servers and quickest support for you so that your server is always online.
With over 2 years of experience in hosting minecraft servers since the beginning of Bukkit, you can trust us to ensure that your server runs well. We provide daily backups on all servers to ensure that you never lose all of your data. If you want to test our servers, contact us for a free trial today!

Why Choose Us:
We are here to stay, devoted to providing the best minecraft hosting around. We have been hosting minecraft servers for a long time and are highly experienced in all things Minecraft.

High Performance and Reliability
We strive to provide the best performance and reliability possible on all of our servers. We use the best hardware and high speed networks that are used in the business for all servers.

Quick and Knowledgeable Support
We pride ourselves in how quickly we are able to respond to your support tickets. This insures any potential issues that you have will be resolved quickly and efficiently. In additional to our quick support, we have a wealth of knowledge about running a Minecraft server, Bukkit, and plugins.

Backups: We keep 7 days worth of backups for every server.
Control panel: Use the Multicraft control panel to manage your server.
SSDs: All servers are placed on solid state drives.
No overselling: We never oversell our servers. All the RAM and other resources are allocated to you and noone else.
MySQL: If you require MySQL for your server, we will set it up for you.
FTP Access: Use your favorite FTP client to manage your server files.
Set-up help: New to Minecraft servers? We can help you, all you have to do is ask.
Plugin help: We have extensive plugin knowledge and will help you trouble shoot any issues.
Dedicated IPs: All of our servers above 512MB of RAM come with a dedicated IP using Minecraft’s default port.
Free subdomain: If you want we can have your own custom easy to remember subdomain pointing to your server IP.

All of our servers are very high performance servers with large amounts of resources. We use the latest Intel processors to alleviate lag-free gameplay. All the US hardware we have is owned and specified by us so we have the very latest technologies.

All of our servers are hosted in a highly redundant SAS70 Type II enterprise data center environment with high speed connections on all servers.

Test Server:
Feel free to get on our test server to see how things run.

Latest Review

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MeirServices said
Customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

Fraud, scam, false advertising. do not buy!

MeirServices's Ratings
Performance 7 stars Support 7 stars Pricing 9 stars

Otharis said
Customer for 1 Year(s) - Overal experience: Negative

I tried them - and it was a dreadful experience. The euphemistically called "support" was more keen in subtly pointing out that I was too stupid to use their server. Nothing worked! In the end they refused to refund the money (I paid for a year in advance) even though it is clearly stated in their terms of service.

Any other service will serve you better. Stay away!!!!

I would have to agree with this guy as well same issue. I knew they be shit so I guess I'd try what did you know I was right.

Otharis's Ratings
Performance 7 stars Support 7 stars Pricing 9 stars

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