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Founded Jul 15, 2011
Partner: Wm Cruz Carroll Sr. (PsyberTech)

[email protected]

5325 Elkhorn Blvd #267
Sacramento, 95842 United States

Minecraft World community hosting company for game hosts by game hosts. Free website, MySQL db, extra ports and TeamSpeak3 for all customers.

Instant access to other World Owners like yourself and many of us have been with MC since the beginning.  We are a community of fellow gaming communities who help and support each other for the fun that is MineCraft. 

Most of us are all CraftBukkit MultiVerse worlds with a long list of plugins to maintain.  As we find bugs and make updates, we share the updates through our MultiCraft control panel which links all our servers together.  So you have total FTP access to every file, and you can even run your own KuStUm JAR files if you want. No limits on storage space.

Come give us a try.  Contact PsyberTech and we will set up a free server for you to try out.


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