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Our management knows what it's like playing on a bad server, that's why we work hard to bring you the best with our servers, performance you won't find anywhere else. We are gamers, too, and we value the same features as you: low prices, no lag, and great service. 

No other game server company in the nation or the world runs their game servers on such high quality hardware as SivcuServers does. With the best server technology in the industry and an exclusive Hyper Performance OS that keeps boxes running smooth, Sivcu will always give you the best performance and gaming experience at all times.

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z26451 said
Customer for 5 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive has provided me with the best Minecraft and Garry's Mod hosting out of all the providers I've ever been to. Their servers are extremely fast and powerful with the cheapest prices! And all of our players on both servers have great ping and 0 lag. Go switch to Sivcu you will be astonished by their services.

z26451's Ratings
Performance 10 stars Support 10 stars Pricing 10 stars

it'sharvey! said
Customer for 8 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

I wrote this review on Sivcu's GSP ratings page also just because the word needs to get out about this company.

I really just want to thank SivcuServers for everything they have done for my clan. We were stuck with a server host that will remain nameless, but was absolutely garbage compared to After my friend referred Sivcu to me, I decided just to test it out with a 10 slot Gmod server. i was a blown away by the instant setup, literally instant done in a second, knowledgeable support staff that helped me mount content from other Source games onto my gmod server! really does live up to their motto “Highest Quality at the Lowest Price, Guaranteed.”

it'sharvey!'s Ratings
Performance 10 stars Support 10 stars Pricing 10 stars

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