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A lot of us want a successful server/website. Some of achieve it some of us don't. Some of chose to pay high prices for a hosting company so that our donations can't support the server, or your website is costing more then it is profiting. You don't have to worry about this with Sandbox Host. We can't guarantee you a successful server, but we do know how to make one. We know what it takes, we know what it should cost. We can give you advice, we can give you good staff you trust. No matter what I give you, we can't guarantee success. You may consider this as bad but no host can. We promise you this though, when we see 0/x slots, or a low traffic on a website we get a little sad. It's hard to say exactly how we are better than our competition, we could just say we are cheaper, but doesn't hosting go beyond that? We can't force you one way or another, what we can do is tell you what we have that our competition doesn't. We are the better choice, if you give we a chance, we will show you that.

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