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RediGaming is a UK based GSP. We own our own data centre, located in Maidstone, UK. We aim to provide high quality, affordable Minecraft servers to the Minecraft community. We understand you wont want lag, downtime or issues running your server. We have taken these things into consideration to offer you a service that is out standing.

All of our servers are monitored from our data centre, so we know when to start selling minecraft servers on the next box. We will always ensure there is 4GB of RAM left on a full server, to allow the servers to still run smooth. When we get an alert informing us the server is full, the automated server creation system will acknowledge this, and start creating any new servers on the next available box.

We believe that the key to maintaining a good relationship with clients is good customer service. We will work with our clients to the best of our ability, to overcome any issues they may be experiencing. Our staff will do their best to help out whre they can, so if you do come across anything whilst hosting with us, please let us know.

What is on our site is how it is. All the prices displayed are inclusive of VAT, so whatever price you see on the site, is hat you will pay. There are no hidden fees or niggly bits we haven't told you about.

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