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Founded Apr 24, 2010
CO-Owner: James Lassiter

[email protected]

1118 Scott Avenue
Bremerton, 98310 US

Recon Hosting was founded in early April 2010 and was derived from our old site Recon Gaming. Since then we have established hundreds of connections worldwide and continue to do so. Recon Hosting has the capabilities to provide the quality, power and speed to keep businesses optimized and running quickly over the internet.


Our goal is to provide and connect thousands of clients around the world with a quality web hosting solution to meet the rising information technology demands of businesses. Quality Hosting at a Fraction of the Price is our business model. Running by this model, we strive to provide only the best, with the price in mind for our clients. On top of that, our dedicated staff backs our Quality Hosting service with a peace of mind by providing top quality support. To match quality together with a great price is our main objective.


At Recon Hosting we’ve chosen to only use quality hardware. Our network equipment utilizes the world leading Cisco and Brocade Networks equipment. We also only use genuine Dell and IBM hardware in our servers. Our hardware choice is backed by decades of quality products and service. We believe that home PC’s should stay at home; because we’ve got the right hardware for the job!


To run a successful business; a business needs clients. In which case, clients are top priority at Recon Hosting. Our dedicated staff is located in 3 different parts of the United States allowing optimized and quick sales and support response! At Recon Hosting we don’t believe time zones should interfere in business working hours or support response. You’ll find us online and available nearly 24/7!

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