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Founded Apr 20, 2009
Director: Julian Giraldo

[email protected]

WATFORD , WD18 7 United Kingdom

At PlugPayPlay, we like to take into consideration all of your requirements and use them to host any of our supported games. With the knowledge of our team and the power and speed of our top-spec servers, we aim to put you online with all of your specifications within 24 hours.

We know whether you are a serious gamer or just enjoy the occasional online game, on a high quality server, that having options of use is of importance. That is why we offer different types of game hosting, so there is something that suits every single person, be it dedicated or a standalone game server.

We also understand for new server administrators it can be daunting to understand what everything means, if thats you, read below:

A public server simply means it is open to the public, a great idea for a clan public server, where as a private server is password protected which is perfect for a match server to get a little competitive. When choosing the branding options, if you select branded we require you to have our URL at the start of the server name, debranded obviously means you can have the server name as you wish.

At PlugPayPlay we aim to provide a professional and reliable gaming experience. We know in order to sustain a growing client base and keep our existing clients happy we need to keep you provided with the highest quality servers available. This is why we have invested a large amount into our servers, network and support team to make sure your experience with us is nothing but the best.

To help make game server administration that bit easier for you, we use a game panel packed with every feature you could want. So even if you have little game server administration experience, you will find hosting your very own game server with us a breeze.

We offer support to all our clients and our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always willing to answer any queries. Though we do not offer 24/7 support we are constantly checking our servers and how they are performing all day, so rest assured the servers and your game play will be running smoothly.

Some GSP's rent their servers and thus if there is a problem there is a chain of people to get in contact with, meaning longer downtim. With us there is no chain. All our servers are owned by us so there is no middle man and we deal directly with the data centre we use. This means if a server was to develop a fault we could sort the problem swiftly and efficiently with no messing around.

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mcvpjd3 said
Customer for 6 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

Been a customer with a couple of server hosting companies. PPP is by far the cheapest. But I should have listened to my own advice when I say "You get what you pay for". The server is fairly stable and minimum lag, but the setup is crap looking and so out of date. The "Knowledge Base" is woeful and when I stopped being able to use the control panel (which I needed to do to update the server) I logged a call. After 5 days of me updating the call daily I still didn't have any response, not even a system generated one. I only got one when I posted my complaint on their Facebook page. And even then all I got was a "We are looking at it". I then asked some questions and 3 days later got a "We looking at it" response. Because my server is not updated no-one can now join and I suspect they have all gone elsewhere.

mcvpjd3's Ratings
Performance 33 stars Support 25 stars Pricing 36 stars

number334 said
Customer for 1 Month(s) - Overal experience: Negative

Don’t rent a server from plugpayplay. I rented a 25 man 7 days to die server on the 9th of March 2015. It will crash every 120 minutes sometimes before. I complained loads of times and at first they wouldn’t even acknowledge that there was a problem.

Then they accused me of making the crashes up so I could ask for a refund.

They finally admitted there’s a problem with the console filling up with error messages which crashes the server every 120 minutes but still refuse to give me a refund and as of the 21st of March the server is still not fixed. Worst service I’ve ever received. I’m going to repost this comment everywhere I can find so as to warn other people about this company.

number334's Ratings
Performance 33 stars Support 25 stars Pricing 36 stars

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