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     came into being after hosting private Minecraft servers since early 2010 for several clans in the Seattle and west coast area as a logical extension of hosting of other games. We are now opening hosting to the general public. At we specialize in giving you the best experience as possible, we offer competitive pricing, a first class control panel, superb customer support, and amazing hardware to host your servers.
    Also note we're a fully incorporated company.

    We currently accept Paypal, along with 2Checkout (Credit cards)
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    Our servers are currently located in Seattle, WA, Dallas, TX, Scranton, PA, Chicago, IL, and The Netherlands. We have players from all over the world (Australia, Norway, UK, USA, Thailand, etc.) that have said the performance is great and lag free.
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    Posted Image - $6.00 - 256MB of dedicated Ram (Vanilla Supports 1-5 players)
    Posted Image - $12.50 - 512MB of dedicated Ram (Supports 1-10 players)
    Posted Image - $19.95 - 1GB of dedicated Ram (Supports 1-20 players)
    Posted Image - $29.95 - 1.5GB of dedicated Ram (Supports 1-30 players)
    Posted Image - $39.95 - 2GB of dedicated Ram (Supports 1-40 players)
    Posted Image - $49.95 - 2.5GB of dedicated Ram (Supports 1-50 players)
    Posted Image - $59.95 - 3GB of dedicated Ram (Supports 1-60 players)
    Posted Image - $69.95 - 3.5GB of dedicated Ram (Supports 1-70 players)
    Posted Image - $79.95 - 4GB of dedicated Ram (Supports 1-80 players)
    Posted Image - $159.95 - 8GB of dedicated Ram (Supports 1-160 players)

If you want something larger feel free to contact us for a larger server, or dedicated server.
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    Our packages come with the following:

    Pre-installed (1-click) mods, including:

    With our control panel, you have FULL access to the server jar file. This will allow you to upload mods, the newest version of buildcraft,redpower,flansmod, etc. We also support Tekkit on our servers!
    (Note this is for dirt plan and above)
    Check out our website and open live chat if you have any questions!
    All at no extra charge!

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    At, we put performance and our client's satisfaction first before everything else. We do this by owning all of the hardware our servers are hosted on! This is something we have done since the start. Since we own all our hardware we know what it's capable of, as well as what is running on it. We always keep extra ram available on our boxes so nothing gets overloaded. All of this along with first class networks to make sure performance is top notch for all players.
    If you have any questions contact us on live chat or open a support ticket

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Flatline said
Customer for 2 Year(s) - Overal experience: Positive

I started my first server with just over 2 years ago. Now i am heading into my 3rd year with them, I now have 6 servers with them. I find that the service and support is nothing short of superb. Any questions I have are answered very promptly. The up time is phenomenal. Excellent Service Guys

Flatline's Ratings
Performance 15 stars Support 15 stars Pricing 15 stars

Douglife said
Customer for 1 Year(s) - Overal experience: Positive started out hosting just a small server for me and my friend. Now we have a dedicated server which has 4 different types of Minecraft, along with a Teamspeak and CS server as well. These guys are top notch. Their equipment is the best, in the best locations, and their customer support is instant. Great guys!

Douglife's Ratings
Performance 15 stars Support 15 stars Pricing 15 stars

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