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Founded May 1, 2011
CEO: James

[email protected]

MCProHosting offers reliable, high-performance Minecraft servers for the end user. Provdiding more, for less.

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YoNoH said
Customer for 4 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

In the past I've used quite alot of other hosting companies, and this is probably the best.

The performance for me has been great, ping has never been over 60ms, always around 50-55, and that's great.
I haven't used so many plugins, but the performance is very good for me, and I have around 15-20 plugins, so it can handle plugins well.

The support has been really good. I did a mistake first so I couldn't order my server, and I sent a ticket to support. While I was waiting I went out to do some chores, and when I returned about 1 hour later, the ticket was answered and the server was ordered after my desires, and they answered in 20 minutes, on high priority.
I made a support ticket later on low priority, but they answered it quite slow, 10h. But It's still a 4star since it was on low priority.

Control panel
Their control-panel is their own version of multicraft, which is both good and bad. The control panel looks really nice and it's easy to use, but if you compare it to fluctis, which had their own custom-made control panel, it had more features, but it was a little bit buggy and had faults.
Overall the control panel on McProHosting is good.
But I think it's missing some features that I'd like to have, but it's not a big deal, honestly. Since you can do the things you want through their awesome FTP-client which is built-in in their control panel, web based.

The pricing is average, but for the performance you get the price is really good, While it's better on some other services, still not bad.

YoNoH's Ratings
Performance 50 stars Support 44 stars Pricing 46 stars

Michelle Rios said
Customer for 0 Month(s) - Overal experience: Positive

Signed up for service 48 hours ago. Paid for them to set it up for extra money. Sent in a ticket and hear nothing. My server won't start. Its a rip off. They take your money and give no support. I cant even play :(

Update: After 48 hours they got to my support ticket. Fixed the problem, but blamed it on me. Which they should have it running right in the 1st place. That's why I paid $15 extra for setup.

Update: Talked to Tyler. He's nice and seems like he cares. Said sorry and will get onto my ticket as soon as they can. Because of that my stars will go up from a 1 to a 3 now. Will update you on it some more.

Update: Still no go on support. nothing is working.

Update: Can not install plugins. Which I paid $15 extra. Even if they cant install they still take your $15.

Conclusion: When signing up for just wait for a week before you can use your server. The interface is good. But the support is really bad. They give refunds for the first seven days.. If I was you take your hard earned money and go some where else. Back to one star.

Michelle Rios's Ratings
Performance 50 stars Support 44 stars Pricing 46 stars

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