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At MCNode our priority is you, we strive to make sure you enjoy your stay with us whether its long term or short but we will always give you our 24/7 support and the best prices available.

Here at MCNode we take our hardware seriously we are running on the best servers available, they are running Intel SSD’s, with RAID 1 configuration professionally hosted with a 1GB uplink. We also run our OS on Linux CentOS on all of our dedicated systems producing the best efficiency with our hardware.

But why should you choose us?

We have the answer, we offer a better value service for less price than any other hosting company out there. It’s simple you buy your server and instantly it is setup and all the information is emailed to you regarding plugins passwords and I.P’s.

All of our plans offer unlimited bandwidth and storage so you can spend less time worrying about if you have reached your limit and more time playing!

Our plans range from $3 to $80 per month meaning there is always something for your tastes! Remember all our plans come with free subdomains and a MySQL database for all the amazing plugins as well as a dedicated IPs available on request.

Our Hardware is as followed:


32GB Memory

120 GB SSD

1 Gbit Port


Package 1

256MB RAM 6 players

Only $3.99/m

Free 15 slot mumble on request

Package 2

512MB RAM 12 players

Only $5.00/m

Free 15 slot mumble on request

Package 3

1024MB RAM 24 players

Only $9.99/m

Free 15 slot mumble on request

We have more packages on our site. links are below this.

McNode Minecraft Hosting

Billing Page Mcnode

McNode Forums


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